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    nothing_bizarre_here March 29, 2022 at 8:32 am

    this is like a warning and an ad at the same time

  2. Parents have an odd way of referring to their kids.

  3. Are the homeowners not legally allowed to kick them out?

    Also if I’m 20k due on rent this little sign would mean jack shit to me lol.

  4. I’d pull up and say “I like the way you run your operation. You mind if I don’t pay rent on the second floor?”

  5. This is in NY somewhere, I saw a news article on it the other day.

  6. Everyone should watch the movie Pacific Heights before deciding to be residential landlords. Then research the eviction rules in your state before considering it. Then decide it’s probably a bad idea and don’t do it

  7. I hope they’ve got a permit for that signage

  8. These are some pretty reasonable landlords. They hadn’t raised rent in a decade and now they raised it 5%. Most landlords (especially the big companies) have raised rent by upwards of 10% this year and raise rent year over year. Given property values, they probably got to the point where the $1800 wasn’t covering the mortgage plus the increase in their share of the property taxes. And because the landlords wouldn’t accept the tenant paying the previous rent, the tenant just refused to pay at all.

    Most people would accept the increased rent and be happy they got to keep a reasonable landlord. They won’t find as good rent and a reasonable landlord elsewhere.

  9. This comments section is more interesting than the post itself. Hm I think that’s the fun part about this sub.

  10. Holy shit 9yrs of no rent increases…they were fine with $1,800 a month. Landlords raise it $100 to $1,900/month and the tenants paid $1,800 one final time? Now they let this drag on until they are $20,000 overdue? Holy fuck that shit doesn’t fly here in Canada.

    People in here on the tenants side?

    Oh my fuck you sound like a bunch of bums who probably still live under their parents roof.

  11. Sorry but why are so many people here so supportive of people that are stealing something and not paying for it?

  12. ITT a bunch of fucking degenerates who think all landlords are BlackRock and all tenants are Robin Hood. Grow up.

  13. Just a matter of time before more of these start popping up as a shaming tactic… and tenants everywhere realize no one is paying rent anymore so why should they?

  14. That’s so nice of him!

  15. Do they need a roommate? I want to not pay rent too!

  16. “Aw that’s so nice of you to advertise your generosity for not making your upstairs tenants pay rent”

  17. So is this a complaint or an F.Y.I…?

  18. SHAME!

  19. …and so I had this sign made with the money that wasn’t their rent!

  20. Get in losers. We’re gonna go steal a banner

  21. Every person I know that owns property and rents it out has a whole full time job that they do outside of the renting process.

    I have yet to come across a landlord that just collects a check. I live in the south so maybe it’s different in other states and other countries.

    I even know a dude whose grandma died and left the house to him so he has a roommate next-door that pays a couple of hundred because it’s a college town and the dude himself works at Subway sandwiches. He’s not even the owner of the Subway or a manager at the Subway. Just a dude who microwaves the sandwiches.

  22. Is there any spare rooms going? I’ll take one also.

  23. r/Loveforlandlords

  24. Sign me up

  25. This is something I agree and disagree with. Seems an archaic route in one hand and in the other a means to an end. Some renters are shit some landlords are shit as well.

  26. Good for them. I hope more follow in their footsteps.

  27. No you didn’t. You stole this image to farm karma.

  28. (Screams out window as I drive past) *GOOD!*

  29. Interesting. Disclosing contract stipulations, like violations, and financial troubles to the public, with malicious intent, such as disclosing private residence, sounds like text-book invasion of privacy. Wonder where this is. I hate when landlords are also scumlords.

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  31. Absolutely r/trashy on the part of the landlord, fuck that person.

  32. I should never be a landlord. If my tenants did this to me, I’d end up in jail for sure.

  33. Goes over to high give the tenants

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