1. That font type is a nice little starter pack piece as well

  2. let me continue it, hates men but falling in love with male main character for some reason.

  3. Will probably break some guy’s nose because they made: an either incredibly sexist joke, or an offhanded, slightly upsetting joke.

  4. Also drives a motorcycle.

  5. Every female character from a Netflix original starter pack **

  6. Also, they show themselves to be more than capable in a fight on their own in the first 2 acts of the movie (mostly to emphasize how “weak” and unprepared the male protagonist is); however, they still somehow get taken hostage and become a prize for that same protagonist to rescue.

  7. Dresses like a tomboy because she’s nOt LiKe OtHeR gIrLs

  8. “Those sons of bitches”

  9. Can I get some examples?

  10. Also takes down an entire SWAT team in the beginning of the movie using just her fists

  11. It’s either this or cast Michelle Rodriguez

  12. “Why so-and-so’s response is exactly what we needed right now…”

  13. Sits with poor posture and legs open wide to make her hefty imaginary testicles more comfortable while she swigs cheap beer or spirits from the bottle.

    Also she holds the bottle by the neck with three fingers so she can poke one of the men in the chest and call him an asshole.

    She then takes a last swig while turning away and giving side eye, throws the bottle into a wall and stumbles outside for a cigarette.

    Edit: fixed a word.

  14. Shitty lazily written Hollywood “strong female lead”

  15. It’s always bla bla bla dude underestimate the girl the girl shows him who’s boss

  16. Then there are the real badass girls like aelin galathynius

  17. Every man keeps asking her to go get him some coffee.

  18. Antagonist is a bald white man with a big belly and white beard.

  19. This reminds me of “Yellowstone”. The main female character is a straight up dick and all the scenerios where they can basically yell “get off my land” are like a weird conservative wet dream. I’m from conservative parts of the world and would call myself center-right so I think I’m allowed to say this. The scene where the bikers refuse to get off their land? I’ve never met bikers like that. I’ve been up near fucking Hayden Lake where the “Aryan Nation” is supposed to be based and even the bikers there were pretty polite. And we’re talking late 20s strapped mofos that I’ve never seen elsewhere on the west coast. Dudes looked like they were out of a fucking movie. Or the fucking scene where the Asian tourists have some sort of problem with Costner owning so much land? Why do they have a problem? Because they’re Asian and it’s implied they’re communists? It’s bordering on racist.

  20. As Hong Kong’s most unpopular politician and first female leader, I find this relatable.

  21. Always beats up a man twice her size on a fistfight. Bonus if legs were used to choke him

  22. Ever notice how the clap backs are always really subpar too? It’s like the writers never seem to be able to make actual insults so they just have a lame clap back and a defeated male.

  23. Doesn’t have to learn anything.

  24. you want a real female badass? Buff tomboy who picks up a soft boy and lets him ride on the back of her motorcycle! Nobody has thought of this

  25. These movies typically suck. Fake badass women are not entertaining.

  26. Often a short hairstyle as well.

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