1. Finally… i can now sleep without worrying someone would break into my house…

  2. This lizard looks harder than I’ve ever looked in my life

  3. Looks like a monitor lizard

  4. An Argonian guard

  5. He’s a ***MONITOR*** lizard, after all.

  6. Gabiru Sama!! 🗿🗿

  7. Khajiit has wares and argonian has lethal stares

  8. I love how its resting its arms on the fence like it’s taking a smoke break.

  9. Xcom vibes

  10. Adorable!

  11. Getting XCOM vibes from this

  12. Scalie

  13. I have a phobia


  15. Security monitor

  16. Is there a subreddit specifically for these drawings?

  17. Carl!!

  18. Yes. Just yes.

  19. Looks like the security aliens from Lelo and Stitch lol

  20. Hall Monitor Lizard

  21. /r/rept_irl

  22. Nice npc idea

  23. Reply
    AteMyBallsLastNight March 29, 2022 at 12:59 pm

    Looks like he’s taking a piss on the right side

  24. Security Monitor

  25. Plissken?

  26. It’s just me, or in the sketch it looks like it’s peeing?

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