1. It’s interesting that there’s a 13 year, 13 year, and then 10 year gap between each gun. 1936, 1945 I kind of get (starting date of HOI4 and end of WW2 OTL, but I wonder what’s significant for TNO 1968 as opposed to like 1970 or 1966 [both arbitrary dates I picked].

  2. I’m glad to see Russia getting more flavor, although I hate not being able to see the image better on mobile.

  3. Anyone got the Higher resolution pic? its so blurry

  4. thanks for the screenshot icon, my ant is loving the leak.

  5. It would be really cool to see a unique zhandov tree in the case of a successful infantry rifle development where they expand on the rifle, seeming as though it’s supposed to be a pretty damn good gun.

    But I know that this is pretty unlikely to happen especially considering idk how feasible it is for a whole unique tech tree for a specific path for a country that has like 10 paths.

  6. High res version: [https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/941434176580747264/957876384213106718/Russian_Tech_Teaser_01.png](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/941434176580747264/957876384213106718/Russian_Tech_Teaser_01.png)

  7. Русское Поле Экспериментов, eh? Omsk approves.

  8. In case some of you don’t know, “Russian field of experiments” is a reference to the song by Egor Letov – famous Siberian punk rocker from 80s-90s. It is 14 minutes long (!) while being one of the most popular his songs.
    In fact there are two versions of it:
    1. Is sung on acoustic guitar – [LINK](https://youtu.be/LHzsJoRe0PE)
    2. Is sung on electric guitar – [LINK](https://youtu.be/uhH_e5nTJrw)
    I would 100% recommend listening to these songs as I am a Letov fan myself. His music may be strange at the first time for someone, but I really enjoy it.

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