1. LOL! So true!

  2. The joke is that there are two meanings of the word “difference”. It might mean “which properties of specified objects/concepts aren’t similar”, which is the meaning used by the first person. The second person, however, considered the context of the message, which is of mathematical nature, and decided to utilize a similarly mathematical second meaning of the word “difference”, one implying subtraction of numbers, which are quite an important concept in mathematics. You see, a diameter is exactly double the radius, so asking “what’s the difference between a diameter and radius” is the same as asking D – R, where D is the diameter and R is the radius. Knowing that, by definition, D = 2R, we can convert this problem to the form 2R – R, which, trivially, equals R, or, as the second person in the screenshot phrased it, “A Radius”. It seems that the first person didn’t quite catch the nuance of their humour, and perhaps thought that the second person sent their message prematurely, hence their next question – “Sir? 🤔”. I thought I would clear this up for those who, just like the second person, didn’t understand the joke. I hope I was of help, no need to thank me!

  3. Good point!

  4. r/technicallycorrect

  5. Sir?

  6. D=2R 2R-R=R

  7. Letters

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