1. I wish i knew my dad

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    Impressive_Trainer12 March 30, 2022 at 2:13 am

    Chad dad

  3. chadformers

  4. Chad Man: Into The Chadverse

  5. Whoever discovered this, thank you

  6. Source needed on that frame count. Even at only 12 FPS that would only be 5 minutes in the episode.

  7. “Why do you have purple hair?”

  8. Why is it written like the video is in newgrounds?

  9. And this, the evergrowing culture of memes carries on

  10. repost

  11. Guys we finally found the true origin

  12. r/memeeconomy

  13. How did you find this 😂💀

  14. I will never be this good.

  15. Every good invention is only made once

  16. im suprised theres only that many frames for a tv episode

  17. The ChadFather

  18. There’s only 4000 frames in a transformers episode…?

  19. Repost lol nice try

  20. The original transformers was the best

  21. i dont havee a dad :(:(:(:(

  22. New meme template is born. Thank you

  23. This is more than meets the eye.

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