+3455 Ever wonder how little the general…

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2022-03-28 16:08:03

+3455 – Ever wonder how little the general public knows about aviation? Here’s some schizophreniacs on r/gangstalking claiming Cessnas fly in low gear over their houses specifically to annoy them.

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  1. I always make sure to downshift my 172 so I can pass slower flyers

  2. If that thread isn’t a joke, then that poor person really needs some help.

  3. “I moved next to an airport and there are airplanes!”

    Maybe there needs to be some kind of public outreach though, before the whackos have the airport shut down, as they will do.

  4. guys how do i heel n toe on cessna 172? i wanna brake harder to get better lap times

  5. Granny shifting, not double clutching like you should

  6. That sub is full of extremely mentally unwell people

  7. >Cessna type planes.

    I found the original post; he was talking about a TBM 850.

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    cottonheadedninnymug March 29, 2022 at 10:00 am

    On a review for a nearby flight school there is someone trying to form a class action lawsuit because the “practice area” (aka approach path for the airport that has been there since the 1940s) is right over their house.

  9. Cessnas DO have wide open unmuffled exhausts and are 6 or 7 litres displacement.

  10. Wait for the pilot to start using the jake brakes. Then listen to ‘em complain.

  11. HAHAHA FLYING IN LOW GEAR LOOL. “HEAR IT CLICK” into a lower pitch???????? LOOOL

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    Unlucky-Constant-736 March 29, 2022 at 10:00 am

    Is that guy aware that ALL PLANES fly slow on takeoff and landing (depending on the aircraft like an A320 is gonna have a faster takeoff speed than a 172 and a 747 will have a faster takeoff speed than the A320 and a Concorde will have a faster takeoff speed than 747). It’s all a different type of slow for lack of a better term.

  13. Thanks! Now I want to put a Pratt & Whitney on my lawnmower to see if my neighbors notice the difference.

  14. “I gotta feelin, somebody’s watchin meeee!”

  15. I suppose if I was on meth or had something to hide I would think the WMU planes that regularly fly over my house were stalking me too. Instead I just watch them and then confirm that they’re WMU and think that those students must be having a pretty cool day. Then again, I’m not insane so there’s that.

  16. “they just fly over my house, land then take off again”

    You mean your house that’s right on the runway vector? Planes – small planes, “Cessna type planes” – the kind of planes you learn to fly on, they fly in at low RPM in line with the runway and then land and take off again? Would you describe that as a “touch and go” scenario?

    Rather than a conspiracy by rich people to irritate you in particular, can we employ Occam’s razor and at least check and see if there’s a flight school near you?

  17. Cop here…We have a municipal airport in our jurisdiction. Mostly single and twin prop planes but a few small jets from time to time. We used to have a guy who lived about a mile from the airport. He was not in the flight path at all. He called all the time about the planes flying over. Didn’t matter how many times we told him that the police had no jurisdiction over the airplanes and where they went. I don’t think he thought they were harassing him or anything. He just didn’t like the planes flying around his area. My favorite though, was a lady who was definitely schizophrenic. She actually did live in the flight path and was convinced that her neighbors were conspiring against her because she knew they were drug traffickers and had figured out their method of being signaled that a drug shipment was coming in. The signal was that three planes with blue on them would pass over sequentially. That would signal that there was a shipment coming in by truck. Found out much later that there was a white plane with a blue stripe that was owned by one of the flight schools. So when they would do touch and goes, that would be the “signal” that she would see. For the record, we did try to convince her to seek help, but she would not acknowledge that there she had an issue.

  18. Wow…. Just checked out the sub, this is so full of batshit crazy people it is hardly believable…

  19. 1)Buy a house near the approach path of the airport.

    2) bitch that planes fly overhead

    3) profit???

  20. I wish the general public knew more about your Cessna’s 100LL.

    I’m a wheeled transportation enthusiast that likes aviation. We rightfully lost leaded autogas a long time ago. Our best engines (80s-mid 2000s) are now history due to emissions targets.

    Phasing out 100LL is going to be expensive for you all. Oh well.

  21. Every time I push in the clutch pedal my Cessna slews to the left, what am I doing wrong?

  22. Can confirm. My favorite is putting my J-3 in reverse and flying at low speed over these peasants.

  23. The general public is so fucking stupid when it comes to aviation.

    They think anyone who knows anything about airplanes is a terrorist.

    [They think doing something like this is terrorism.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eW-1ac-3aM4)

    They think that taking a picture of an airplane parked at a gate at an airport is a form of terrorism.

    They complain about airplane noise when they move next to or near an airport.

    The aviation related categories always seems to be played last on *Jeopardy!*

    Am I missing anything?

  24. You ever heard of the village idiot? Well now they can all be online.

  25. God I hope I never become that delusional. Scary thinking it could happen though.

  26. Low gear?

    I know some planes have mud tires and locking rear differentials, but this is the first I’ve heard of them having gear boxes.

  27. I mean, look where this is posted…do you really expect any level of intelligence let alone rational thought?

  28. After looking at that sub… I feel really bad for those people. A lot of them are probably untreated schizophrenics or people with paranoid ideation.. It’s really kind of sad.

  29. What kind of sub is that??

  30. Dont you understand… he can hear it CLICK!!!

  31. Conspiracy people are full of ego. Think about it, this guy thinks he’s so important that someone would spend thousands of dollars just to troll him. Same with gov’t conspiracy people who think the FBI/CIA/whatever care enough about their boring ass lives to spy on them.

  32. Thankfully at these gas prices the gangs stocking says nose will have to only touch and go three or four times for annoyance purposes

  33. Just be thankful they didn’t pop the clutch.

  34. Damn it! My instructor never taught me about those hidden gears. Gotta try them out when I fly “100 feet AGL” doing patterns

  35. You guys down downshift to 2nd when turning base? It helps save on the brakes…

  36. Yep, I work at an airport and there are literally people whose jobs it is to take these “noise complaints.” Turns out 2 or 3 people make 90% of the complaints, and they definitely think planes fly directly over their homes on purpose. It’s sad how delusional they are.

  37. The thing is though, Some Aircraft Engines do have “GearBoxes” but not in the sense these twats are thinking.

    – Geared Turbofans.

    – Propeller Speed Reduction Units.

    And plenty more designs.

  38. Tell them they need to make official complaints about aircraft not flying in third gear as federally mandated.

  39. An Airport close to my family that had been there for 40+ years had a bunch of complaints from new residents who moved in the crazy development that happens around it. They petitioned to sell the airport and ended up letting the city over amex it. The really thought this would move the airport to that city 🤣😂 so now they have the airport and none of the tax dollars from it 🤣 got to love Karen’s

  40. Personally I put the afterburner on full in my Cessna whenever I see anyone around me. Just to be safe

  41. I don’t think people on r/gangstalking count as the general public

  42. The FSDO gets tons of these wackos calling us, everyone of them are conspiracy quacks thinking it’s being done on purpose, one crazy lady keeps saying they are spying on her, when the inspector asks her why would they be doing that, she goes into how she researches theories that the government doesn’t want people looking into

  43. Ever notice how little the aviation public understands about mental health? As evidenced by use of the term “schizophreniacs.”

  44. These are the people who vote.

  45. 🤦🏼

  46. You aint a real man unless you rollin coal in your duramax bonanza

  47. Lmao this mf watched the scene in airplane where they shift the jet into gear and thought it was real 🗿🗿

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    Deep-Adhesiveness-86 March 29, 2022 at 10:00 am

    The general public is pretty clueless of just about everything

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