1. Reduce family by 50%

  2. Do you exclusively buy continental cucumbers?

  3. I’m at least glad its not just me who saw something similar, family of 4 approx $1300 this month (including baby formula and nappies).

  4. Its all good.
    Groceries up 50% House’s up 50% fuel up 50% all covered in the one off payment of $250

  5. Uni student here… 5 pack of 2 minute noodles- $4.50 🙁

  6. How many transactions did you have in Feb and Jan?

    On the surface, 38 trips to the supermarket in one month seems like quite a bit! (of course you might be rounding up visits to lots of different shops under the supermarket banner)

  7. Gees we are 2 ppl averaging $1250 a month. Ill Blame the dogs

  8. Don’t worry. I’m sure the ABS will accurately reflect grocery prices rises in the next CPI figures /s

  9. Which app is this?

  10. I hate to say it but, something is about to give!” Globally!

  11. You can always get a better paying job as our very wise prime minister once told us 🙄

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    Affectionate-Fox-648 March 29, 2022 at 7:51 am

    I miss those days where we can eat and not worry. We use to be able to eat at $7-$8 per day per person as well because everything was cheaper. Then it went up to $10 per person per day due to rising food cost same as you. Then we managed to cut it back to $8 by reducing our food choices.
    Now we have had to cut it to $5 per person per day to cover the inflation of other things.
    As disheartening as it is, you might have to reduce the quality of your food and excess snacks.
    My friends are at $3.

  13. [deleted]

  14. Care to share what you buy and where?

    Aldi / costco is my saviour, but have definitely seen an increase. Not 50% though.

    Family of 3 with dietary restrictions.

    I barely drink. Look for specials. Meal prep. Meat is mostly mince or chicken breast. Don’t buy much pre-packaged food. But we do eat well… with lots of fresh veg.

    Spending ~$600-650 a month.

  15. Inflation is real but an identical basket of goods is not 50% more than it was a month ago.

  16. Fantastic, I wasn’t already on a shoestring budget or anything

  17. Just buy more men’s underpants this is how ABS keep our CPI figures down.

  18. Plot twist, OP bought things that stopped being in season.

  19. Don’t worry, I’m sure the federal budget being delivered this week will have plenty of help for the working class and poor in response to this /s

  20. Do you do your shopping on Wednesdays? Match had five, as did December so that may correlate.

  21. What app is this ? Look good. Does it sort your banking/transaction per vendor?

  22. For a while now we have been doing all our veg, fruit, dairy and meat shopping at the local farmers market here in Adelaide that exclusively sells local produce from SA and have not seen any increase in pricing.
    Surprisingly the farmers market is barely more expensive than Aldi for produce and almost all veg are either pesticides free or organic.
    There has been a slight increase at our weekly Aldi shops but since they are such a low percentage of our overall money spent it’s not as noticeable.
    I encourage anyone to check our their local farmers market for in season and local produce.
    Quality will be better than at the supermarket and you’re supporting small local farmers.

  23. I noticed increases of stuff like heard was about 1/5 of the prices or 20% way over and increased cost could be.

    These places better post loses and not record high profit

  24. It looks more like it’s gone up by about 30% compared to last month. Or, are you comparing it to a year ago?

  25. 1000 a month? You need a Costco membership and some buffer trips to Aldi.

  26. Are you implying all food items have gone up by 50% in the last month. So that would suggest they have doubled by this time last year, because last month wasnt even the worst in regards to coles and woolies price increases since beginning of the year

  27. Thankyou government covid policies 🙏🏻

  28. Family of 3 – $105-$120/week……. Are you eating expensive cuts of meat every night or something? Buying tons of packaged snacks?

  29. Brutal. How much meat products does your family consume per day? I can’t afford to eat as much meat as I used to so I’ve had to get real creative with cooking vegetables

  30. Not surprising. Many brands just don’t seem to be going on special nowadays, and even if they do it’s like 10-10% off rather than 30-50% from the typical pre-Covid specials. Home brand stuff seems to sell out quickly (I’ve sturggled to get Coles brand tissue boxes for weeks now). Worst is personal care essentials like shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant etc which seem to go on special monthly now instead of fortnightly, and with less discounts.

    Cooking oil has increased to almost double, and prices for packet chips, fast foods and most frozen foods will follow. Even the junk stuff like Mrs Mac’s sausage rolls which routinely used to go to $2.50 for 2 pre-covid now rarely go below $2ea. Even 2-star mince is $11/kg at Aldi now, 3-star or higher is easily $7 for 500g.

  31. 150$ used to cover my bill for two people for a week during the pandemic. Last week, I was home alone for a week and 5 days worth of food for one person cost me $120…. I usually rotate between 4-5 different meals I cook regularly so I would say easily my basket cost has gone up 40%. I don’t get how people on less than 60k are supposed to have any life outside of rent, fuel and food costs…

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    edgelordmcswaggins March 29, 2022 at 7:51 am

    So now you buy the cheaper alternatives or substitute them out ie swap steak to Lima beans or fresh veggies to corn chips. Then CPI gets adjusted down so the gov’t can gaslight you more on how your moneys worth less then it was 2years ago in the height of the pandemic. Good times

  33. Have you tried only eating food at work when there’s a morning tea on? You could also take home leftovers!

  34. I could be wrong, but from what I’m reading it may get worse. Do you work canned beans etc into your family’s meals? It’s not glamorous but frozen veggies, canned / dry beans etc can really lower the grocery bills and are still healthy

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    LikeADemonsWhisper March 29, 2022 at 7:51 am

    Tippity tip of the iceberg.

  36. What app are you using please?

  37. Which app is this?

  38. Last few months been feeling broke with cost of vegs, fruit and meat either being not available in store or feeling higher price for worse quality

  39. Over $250/week seems a lot to me.

  40. What was it last March? i.e. seasonally adjusted? I noticed there’s a bit of a pattern in the trend, wonder if it repeats annually.

  41. That’s easy. Just make 100% more money magically doing the same work.

  42. What app is this?

  43. Impressive your grocery bill is so low. We average $1700 per month with two young children.

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