1. I’ll never understand funding the construction of privately owned buildings. If we build it, it’s an investment and we (the people) should get equity

  2. Albany is really on another level of rotten to the core when it comes to state govts

  3. I constantly defend NY taxes as “worth it”.. but.. now.. that is what my taxes are going to??


  4. Can’t wait for the election to get this crony mf out

  5. Why help poor people when you can help rich ones instead???

  6. Why the fuck is my tax money going to build a stadium for a team that likely brings in millions every season? This is bullshit.

  7. r/aboringdystopia

  8. She sucks.

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    againblahisnothere March 29, 2022 at 9:30 am

    This is why I hate the fucking government. I’d rather no one get money. What a piece of shit. Can someone link to more information on this?

  10. If it’s any consolation, pretty much the entirety of Buffalo is pissed about this too.

    The oligarch that owns the Bills threatened to take them to another city if they didn’t do this. If the Bills leave Buffalo, the people of the city will have no idea what to do with themselves.

  11. The construction of the new stadium should be 100% with private equity.

  12. so as a breakdown, taxpayers are “financing” not giving them all this money. some money not all the money. the organization is paying back the state over 30 years, its like a mortgage but with the state and the interest rates are lower as a return.

  13. Reminder the democrats and republicans worked together to keep a socialist black woman from the Buffalo mayorship

  14. Gotta love these neolibs selling out America, while benefiting the rich. Then acting shocked when we get pissed off.

  15. Acting like it’s taken from that specific program is a little disingenuous. Here’s the article seen in the OP


    and here’s the explanation of the “cut”

    > Although the number may seem shocking, state leaders from the Governor’s office and the Office of Children and Family Services tell CNY Central the absence of one-time pandemic relief money that was there before is the reason behind it.

    So it’s not like they’re specifically taking it from kids and giving it to the stadium funding. They’ll be updating the budget to reflect the stadium contribution “later this week”, but it sounds like they’re kind of just taking piecemeal leftover funds from other budgets to get it done.

    Now, whether or not that “leftover” money *should* be going to fund a new stadium or to more social programs, that’s another matter. There’s a strong argument that the stadium will provide long-term economic benefits. There’s also a strong argument that better funding for children and family services– or many other social programs– could provide long-term benefit.

    I’ll leave that to you I guess, but framing it as a “budget cut” to children/family services, particularly implying that it was cut *to build the stadium*, feels a little… biased.

  16. If you show proof you’re a resident of ny state with the purchase of 1 entree you get 10 cents off a gallon sized drink

  17. The people in the bills subreddit do actually look at this as a sound investment for them. Rather interesting seeing them think how this is perfectly fine than to let the owner walk away.

  18. What a monster…

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