1. You can tell it’s a mod. The staircase leading up is placed directly in the middle.

  2. this isnt lego, this is Super 18K K103 Animal Crossing Nook’s Cranny an unauthorized clone of someones Lego Ideas submission

  3. I like it but from the comments it’s a non-Lego knock off stealing some else’s Lego Ideas submission idea so I can’t buy it. Companies shouldnt profit like this without crediting the creator.

    I will try to support the original creator though.

  4. Where did you get them?!?

  5. Now THIS should be a set, not that other thing that got posted earlier

  6. Definitely not Lego but an off brand knock off.

  7. I saw this set, does it come with any other minifigures other than Tom Nook?

  8. Well it’s not Lego, but it’s still cool.

  9. So cute!

  10. How’s the quality of this in comparison to an actual Lego product?

  11. It’s not Lego it’s from Ali Express though if you are interested. The plastic feels slightly different. And some of the pieces won’t be the exact size they need to be. But overall they work well.

  12. [deleted]

  13. I need this!! Where did you get it?

  14. Cute

  15. I just finished that too!!

  16. i’ve seen pictures of this set, the other figures look hilarious

  17. The door handles look like a mustache.

  18. Looks like something off the Wish app (back when it was good, is there a replacement yet?) So like it’s unique and cute but might be haunted!

  19. Ok, but isn’t that warp pipe a little dangerous??

  20. I need to try building something like this!!

  21. so cuteee! awe 😭

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