1. Add jony’s blessing and the Years will Be 100

  2. I only used it once during the white palace parkour so I could never lose enough masks to die, but it took so long I kinda wish I had just died anyway

  3. Deep focus+grubsong+elegy

  4. If you’re talking about for white palace/path of pain, I just used grubsong + deep focus. When you do the math, you’re only losing 3 soul every 2 hits. It’s real good for impatient gamers like me lol

  5. Have u got the original image of that? That dog’s expression kills me lol

  6. Going through Elden Ring now and the Blessed Dew talisman is even more painfully slow.

  7. moral of the story, if the charm costs 4 notches and isn’t soul eater you better not use it

  8. Deep focus + grubsong + grubberfly’s elegy

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