1. I once saw a Lalafell on my sever called Halfinaud Leveilleur.

  2. I laughed at the Zenos one for the title. All this is excellent.

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    Dense-Entrepreneur29 March 29, 2022 at 5:03 pm

    „The new sun“ as the title for Y‘shtola is a great choice

  4. Reminds me of Alphiswole and Aligains Leveilarge

  5. Whoa hey, I saw Tinicred while I was leveling through Shadowbringers back in January. Even got a picture to show my friends because he had a Dress-up Thancred minion and everything. Small world!

  6. Mini-filia

  7. Oh my god! They’re SO ADORABLE! Awww!

    They’d all probably kill me because they’re level 90 and all wolves den pros, but still.

  8. This is so cute!

  9. You were right, you said “see you on reddit”. Thanks for the fun run!

  10. Funnily enough, came across a lala named dress up alphinaud in guildhests today dressed head to toe like him.

    Seems I located the culprit 😋

  11. does anyone know the name of the gear set zenos lala is wearing?

  12. i saw these guys the other day in world of darkness doing alliance roulette, minus zenos! they had tiny urianger and estinien with them instead

  13. Oh I ran into this group the other day, minus Zegnome. Gotta applaud the names and the commitment.

  14. Where’s Estinyen Wyrmblood?

  15. I love seeing the smol versions of the scions

  16. Now there needs to be a photoshoot with the Leveillarge crew

  17. Wow you really did post it on Reddit lol, Dj Puss here 🙂 thanks for the run o7


    My ps5 screenshot 😅

  18. “A test of your reflexes!”

    Hits your knees with a baseball bat, runs away laughing and refuses to elaborate.

  19. I would like to apply to adopt lalasaie

  20. The real scions everyone! I knew those other guys had something off about em…too tall. Probably

    And that zenos one! Yeah he was definitely way too tall xD

  21. They are soooooooooooooooo cute!

  22. Okay that’s pretty awesome.

  23. What’s the haircut for Alisaie ? I didn’t find that one.

  24. Tinicred could use an update but the means Varus extreme grinding.

  25. I once saw one named Tataru Wannabe and honestly, I chuckled.

  26. That is no way to hold a katana. You are no true samurai.

  27. That is too fricking cute!!! It’s like an episode in a tv series where the main cast get shrunk into kids

  28. Has anyone done Halfchefaunt yet?

  29. That is the best lala party I’ve ever seen 😍

  30. For Alisaie it would have been hilarious if you dressed the same, named yourself Alphitiny and than had the title “The Red”

  31. No miniphilia?

  32. love how all the titles fit.

  33. I named one of my retainers Minishtola, just wanted to share that

  34. Oh god that is just AWESOME!!!! I haven’t had a good belly laugh like I just had seeing this!!!

  35. Tbf Alphignome is barely any shorter then Alphinaud

  36. This is so cute and hilarious. I need to badger a few of my Lala friends into doing some cosplays now

  37. Just the way this picture is taken, it almost looks like whoever the cat woman is standing behind them is the Mom that volunteered to bring the friend group to the local Con so they could walk around in their cosplays.

  38. I would have thought it’d be “Lalphinaud” but “Alphignome” isn’t half bad either.

  39. Lalasaie is a really good name. Also that Zenos title is perfect

  40. i love this xD

  41. This is cute! Nice job!

  42. Well, now I need to fantasia my Sadu alt…

  43. I seen that Y’shtola in Kugane on Omega once! It’s somehow comforting there exist more of them.

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