1. Alright, how much is this gonna hurt my wallet..?

  2. I am heavy weapons guy. And this. Is my weapon. It cost $50 to fire this, for 12 seconds

  3. [Nerf Nuke](https://youtu.be/jUbqbpBX1Us) is how you win a nerf war.

  4. Adam Savage showing us all up.

  5. I feel for whoever has to tediously set up that cup pyramid, only for it to be knocked down completely in about 2 seconds

  6. Cool but looks like it really limits mobility… at least of children

  7. Man, that clean-up must suck.

  8. 15 minutes of cleanup for 6 seconds of fun.


    it’s like my sex life.

  9. Cues up Sharkface from RvB.

  10. I am years and years away from kids and I already dread the amount of clean up toys like this will cause. You’ll be finding balls under couches and in corners forever

  11. then you have to gather all the balls

  12. …have a rich dad?

  13. yes, pay 2 win

  14. This isnt a gif that keeps on giving, its a commercial for a toy

  15. This is not Nerf. This is rival. I bought the actual Nerf version of this for my kid. It is indeed how you win.

  16. “Time to let Ol’ Painless out of the bag.”

  17. Shouldn’t he put that fronthandle to the left side?

  18. The kid went dead center for the target after like 2 seconds

    The real strategy isn’t the gun, just sign your kid up in a nerf military academy to achieve results like this child

  19. Destroy the poor kids in the neighborhood using the all new Nerf Multi Shooter – Class Warfare Edition

  20. So I put one of these on a Amazon list for Christmas gift ideas last year as a joke and my Mom decided to get it for me. She also decided that it was not fair for me to have the upper hand so she got one from my wife as well.

    So yeah, last Christmas two 34 years with a 5 year old kid chased each other around shooting hundreds of yellow balls all over the house. It was super fun till we realized that we now had to pick up hundreds of tiny yellow balls all over the house so our dogs would not eat them.

  21. i was waiting for him to start going ham on his little buddies

  22. Shut up and take my money!


  24. There’s always that one kid no one wants to play with.

  25. “I am heavy weapons guy”

  26. Charge me up, doctor!!

  27. He woke up from nap time and chose violence.

  28. Reply
    No_Cartographer_2911 March 29, 2022 at 6:21 pm

    Mom wins cleaning up 10000 nerf balls

  29. Anyone remember the Nerf bazookas?

    Had a single massive dart that whistled when it fired, pretty sure we had concussions from getting hit in the head with it.

    Woulda been 30+ years ago, which typing that out makes me feel old as hell.

  30. I’ve never saw worser aim in my life

  31. I this that fucking Ryan kid?

  32. Gonna lose half those yellow balls upon for that thing for the first time outside

  33. More spam. This sub kind of sucks lately.

  34. I find enough nerf darts in my yard from the kids next door. Imagine having to pick these balls things up for fucking ever.

  35. “That’s a nice opinion. Unfortunately, I got a nerf mini gun”

  36. He’s not moving an inch, easy target.

  37. Imagine having to pick all this balls back up…

  38. Reply
    Mr_Connie_Lingus69 March 29, 2022 at 6:21 pm

    That’s not a nerf gun. It’s a nerf bazooka machine gun. The only way you’re going to win over that is to use your turd gun.


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