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    Patimation-Studios March 29, 2022 at 2:33 pm

    What about medication?

  2. I have it too, this is very relatable. Personally I assign quick phrases to each step (like most step lists do) and either write them down or recite them while pantomiming the actions. Then I go through one cycle of those actions with supervision and if I pass the test with no questions I’m off.

    The hardest part is when the action is boring or unrewarding. I’m taking computer architecture and I have never been so damn sleepy during an explanation.

  3. Liz and I joked that ADHD is like a big bully that makes it hard for her to learn certain things. For her, it’s remembering what order things go in and trying to remember all the steps. But we’ve been making wonderful progress with the help of medication and visual aids

  4. Since I started doubting if i have adhd, I’m getting a lot more stuff related to adhd everywhere. Is universe trying to tell me something 🧐

  5. When I HAVE to do something and my ADHD is acting up or I am going unmedicated for some reason…it feels like I am literally grabbing my brain by the back of the neck and smooshing its face into the task…LOOK AT THAT SENTENCE. I SAID LOOK AT IT!!! NOW READ IT. NO. READ IT. I SAID READ IT!!! DID YOU READ IT? WHAT DID IT SAY?? READ IT AGAIN YOU WORTHLESS MAGGOT. THATS RIGHT. VERY GOOD. NOW READ THE NEXT SENTENCE. STOP CRYING! GOD YOURE SO ANNOYING.

    And the whole time my brain is just sobbing and comprehending nothing but the misery of its own existence.

    So…yeah, I can relate.

  6. Got a friend struggling with this, but after the right medication and help in general, now as a 30y old is almost done with university. So there is hope

  7. As someone with ADD this resonated with me very deeply

  8. Ugh. And the worst thing about ADHD is how I can’t finis

  9. Good news insolent fools! have successfully created my first human clone! My fame will reach everywhere! Partially because it got out and I can’t find it now! It took some glasses and a pink shirt too… it’s supposed to look like that one character in a movie, uh… minion what was the movie? (It was terminator) thank you minion! As I was saying, they sorta look like the bad guy from that movie, anyone got any leads?

  10. ”art” style is ass.

    makes everyone look like a powerpoint clipart

  11. I’ve found my attention issues have gotten worse and worse the more screen time I get. It’s hyper stimulating with really rapid turnover and it’s worsening some mild ADHD-type symptoms

  12. I need your clothes, your boots, and your medication…?

  13. …Star Fox.

  14. Christ, the steps don’t even have to be complex for me.

    My brain is a pasta strainer.

  15. concussion

  16. Getting Shencomix vibes :)… Is he still around?

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