1. Monitor lizards are cute

  2. answering op’s qn: the baby.

    but who will monitor the baby then?
    the monitor.

  3. Of course she’ll get mad. She wanted a baby monitor, don’t get a full-grown one.

  4. That’s not a baby monitor. That’s just a babied monitor.

  5. Okay I know this is weird but the word monitor aaaaalways makes me think of a monitor lizard, for example at my old job the person manning the front desk was called the desk monitor and in my head I was always picturing a lizard just sitting on the desk, checking people in. It never fails to make me giggle. My fiance is a computer nerd and has become very careful not to say monitor around me because I will interrupt what he is saying by flicking my tongue at him and cracking up.

  6. When you get home and she complains, “You told me to get a monitor, how was I supposed to know you didnt mean this type”

  7. Proceeds to buy a 16 Inch Monitor

  8. I wanted an ackie, but noooo we had to get a rough neck.

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