1. I have neither a boyfriend nor a body worth admiring. Hell, I don’t even have glass panels in my shower

  2. Aight, I got a glass-panel shower.

    Now all I need is a boyfriend and a body worth admiring.

  3. Man this reminds me of that one story from r/NoSleep. It’s about the husband finding his wife creeping on him from different places. I still hate myself for reading that one.

  4. what show is this

  5. I do this to my wife… Except standing on the toilet, looking over the curtain.

  6. y’all horny as hell…just like me

  7. I did this to my husband one time and he didn’t know I was peeking and he got scared I almost gave him a heart attack

  8. Imagine if the sexes were reversed… and it was a man saying this about a man, instead of a man saying this about a man. Y’all be cool with that?

  9. That’s… kinda creepy… even red flagish…

  10. Somehow he gets really prude when I bring the popcorn

  11. NGl even if I was in a relationship that would be a huge nah from me dawg

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