+293 Since the start of last season, the…

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2022-03-29 02:13:49

+293 – Since the start of last season, the Golden State Warriors have a .646 winning percentage when Steph Curry plays. That ranks 4th in the NBA. In that same time frame, they have a .238 winning percentage without Steph Curry, which ranks dead last in the NBA.

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    Juggle_Cuber_Gamer42 March 29, 2022 at 8:02 am

    Wow, just wow.

  2. If that doesn’t get you some mvp votes, what will?

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    IAmNotKevinDurant_35 March 29, 2022 at 8:02 am

    Fuck Marcus Smart

  4. “Curry can’t win without a good team around him.”

    – You know which fans say this

  5. so then steph is the MVP

    got it

  6. The team doesn’t know how to play without Steph’s gravity. How many points do they get off of Curry simply coming off a screen or being doubled on the pick and roll? The only guys that can effectively play without him are Jordan Poole, Klay, Porter, and Kuminga to an extent. Everyone else is useless on the offensive side of the ball without him.

    Edit: Wiggins can play without him but he works best as a borderline third to fourth option.

  7. ![gif](giphy|1ZDoc9v1mWOUNIxLWh|downsized)

  8. embarrassing.

  9. Ridiculous.

  10. With him Klay and Poole they are seriously dangerous especially when they add OPJ.

  11. Been saying it all year but we just aren’t as deep as we though early in the season. We have a lot of guys playing decent minutes that wouldn’t sniff a minute at other teams

  12. But wait? I was told draymond was the most important player on this team? Hmm interesting 🧐

  13. Since the start of last season also: No klay, No OPJ, No GP2, Poole just coming around as of this season, granted those things are available to them as of this season, but you can’t really hold last season against this team. They really haven’t had Full healthy roster, minus Curry

  14. They should have that guy play more then

  15. exactly that makes steph curry the MVP

  16. Uh, I think Kerr deserves a bit of criticism here but there are a lot of “circumstances” around this stat

  17. So that Curry guy is kinda important huh?

    CMV: Marcus Smart is dirty.

  18. Horrible roster construction by the front office and ownership. Arrogance has led them to this point. I feel they have wasted stephs final prime years.

  19. Blow it up, trade Klay Dray and Wiseman for Embid or Giannis let’s get this ring.

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