1. Peacemakers are a great melee weapons too

  2. Anything can be a melee weapon if you swing it hard enough.

  3. The sortie: BOWS ONLY

    Excalibur: *Oh I don’t think so*

  4. I prefer my contagion zaw ngl

  5. I love Warframe for this cheese.

    Only melee? Yeah, I’ll bring Mesa.

    No shields allowed? Nidus is up.

    Primarily only? Take a casual stroll with Saryn.

    No energy? Hildryn please.

    Every mastery test has a practice round of what DE wants me to do, then an actual round with a Warframe that trivialises it by not playing along. I legitimately love this.

  6. just play titania. Boom, you have akimbo pistols

  7. Wukongs celestial twin still can use primary

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    The13thAllitnilClone March 29, 2022 at 5:02 pm

    I always use Dex weapons for anniversary missions

  9. Only gun and the guy starts killing with energy sword….

  10. The Glaive Prime never comes off

  11. Baruuks Desert Wind says Hi.

    But I too use the Dex weapons on anniversary, actually I use Dex Weapons for alot of things, now if only I could get a Dex Dakra Riven

  12. *laughs in Titania*

  13. I only used a meele! I had like a guandao and a wukong prime clone with a kuva zarr….

  14. I always pull out my Ohma for keks

  15. Twin Basolk, just to be original… Else I’d jump on my Glaive P or Mesa’s Peacemakers

  16. Blaze turrets say hi.

  17. Don’t forget the Penta with enough magazine capacity

  18. >*Laughs in Mirage nuke*

  19. I always bring a gun to a knife fight

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    Haunting_Mode_7401 March 29, 2022 at 5:02 pm

    Bows only that’s fine say hello to Nataruk if you can see before I drop you from across the map

  21. Primary only?

    Pretty much any exalted ability

  22. How to hunt eidolon with just a melee weapon.

  23. Event: you can only equip primary weapons

    *laughs in Baruuk*

  24. Blaze Artillery is an AMAZING melee

  25. That’s why I like wukong, his celestial twin defies the weapon rules

  26. or just use wukong, let ur C Twin use primary

  27. I just took the sentient big sowrd and bitchslapped all the enemies

  28. Hey it’s a large hammer it obviously has no ranged abilities after all if it did it would be able to use glaive mods after all.

  29. Stropha says hello and goodBYE

  30. Use specters, ez clap

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