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    Visible-Welder-5148 March 30, 2022 at 12:41 am

    shut up and take my money

  2. Looks really good

    The host kinda looks like Doomguy or BJ Blazkowicz lol

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    Still_Intention3588 March 30, 2022 at 12:41 am

    This is amazing keep up the good work

  4. That’s sick.

  5. Wow

  6. Great art work!! (Cue the “Thank you so much!!”)

  7. Dude this is awesome! I’d totally get this tattooed.

  8. Why is Venom called venom?

    Great drawing by the way.

  9. I like this, but it needs flow

  10. Damn this is intense.

  11. Thats so freakin sick!

  12. Good work man keep it up

  13. That’s so good

  14. You captured that “wet” look perfectly. Reminds me of Crain’s work. Great job.

  15. Looks awesome

  16. Killed it fam

  17. Symbiote Hyperion?! 👀

  18. Appreciate your work bro

    I wish i could do something like this 😃 ( maybe in some other universe i will be also a talented one lucky him😅)

  19. incredible!

  20. That’s like a whole new level of art

  21. …I could do that, but I don’t wanna

  22. Yoo, this is sick, well done

  23. That’s incredible!

  24. Do you sell your work?

  25. Extremely nice Bro

  26. Thats awesome, i love the style so much.

  27. Awesome, reminds me of the Hildebrandt brothers comic art from my childhood

  28. You should make this available as a print to buy. I have no doubt you’d get some takers.

  29. That’s the real Eddie Brock. Pretty much perfect.

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