1. “Man” spelled backwards is “Nam,” and therefore all men are morally responsible for the My Lai Massacre.

  2. That’s actually “rail”. Oh I wish someone would rail me

  3. Douche spelled backwards is still douche

  4. What are they even trying to say? That girls are the opposite of lying?

  5. Change subreddit to r/NotHowRailsWork

  6. Ah yes we all know that girls are train rails

  7. Liar spelled backwards is rail.

    Therefore I am a train

  8. In what language?

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    TurnItOffAndBackOnXD March 29, 2022 at 9:48 am

    Lrig, of House Elamef, heir to the throne of Nemow.

  10. So dumb that I find it funny honestly

  11. That is something a liar would say….

  12. r/substakenliterally

  13. Live spelled backwards is evil, therefore we must all die

  14. HAM SANDWICH spelled backward is RAPTURE. Boom. Spelling.

  15. Weird, I can’t seem to find the “a”

    All I keep getting is “lrig”, how weird

  16. Long after humanity goes extinct and either the aliens or the evolved form of cats and dogs will find this image on a flash drive and say in the paper published about their studies of the long forgotten human race “judging by the ancient writing in this image the human who wrote this was mentally challenged.”

  17. Rail…am I missing something?!

  18. HSHSHSHSH i laugh hard at this one

  19. He is such a Lrig

  20. “Boy” spelled backwards is Yob, which describes everyone in /r/MGTOW.

  21. “Dad, how do you spell ‘liar’?”

    “L-R-I-G, son.” I sat back, smiling. He may not pass his spelling quiz tomorrow, but at least I’m not raising some soyboy cuck. No, I thought, he’s gonna be redpilled from the start.

  22. This reaks of “I don’t do pronouns” energy

  23. No that’s an anagram and is lirg not liar

    What’s a lirg though

  24. pretty sure this is both genders most of the time

  25. Guy failed English in school.

  26. LRIG

    Where the fuck did the A come from ?

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    SpearmintSpaceship March 29, 2022 at 9:48 am

    No it’s Ligr, the combination of a lion and tiger. Roar

  28. So close, spelling is hard

  29. Girl spelled backwards is LRIG. How you get liar out of that is truly confusing.

  30. Lrig?

    The Lrig Saga?

    Ldenrig, the latest SoulsBorne megahit?

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    SuperD00perGuyd00d March 29, 2022 at 9:48 am

    This HAS to be satire, right? please?

  32. Male spelled backwards is EEEEEEE-Laaaame!

  33. ACKTCHUALLY it’s Lrig and I’m not sure that’s a word

  34. I want a lrig

  35. It’s a joke, though…

  36. r/nothowgirlswork users trying to understand an obvious satire joke (impossible)

  37. Sometimes this sub is worse than Sheldon at understanding sarcasm

  38. Lrig spells backwards is girl

  39. Rail

  40. Girl-

  41. Dude who said that is lying. Girl spelled backwards is obviously lirg.

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