1. Don’t they complain about how businesses and shit should be able to decide for themselves? How is this any different?

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    Raccoon_Full_of_Cum March 29, 2022 at 12:29 pm

    Republicans will never abandon their “education is a liberal conspiracy” position, because it’s the only way to explain why educated people are overwhelmingly liberal without suggesting that conservatives are fucking stupid.

  3. Anti-intellectuals often find universities to be negative environments for them…. i wonder why?

  4. So does liberalism lead to education or does education lead to liberalism?

    Either way, it’s either way.

  5. Also most people in higher education aren’t liberals.

    The more educated you get the more you trend towards being *leftist*.

    These idiots are just so far right wing they think “right wing” is left because it’s to the left of them.

  6. What a baby. Not surprised it’s on the Bench Appearo sub.

  7. A ben shapiro fan complains about professors requiring students to wear masks despite the university dropping the mask mandate.

    A majority of these Educated professors are enforcing the use of masks in their class, it is almost like educated teachers believe in science…

    Anyways, one of the comments says that everyone in higher education is liberal… it is almost like highly educated people tend to be left leaning while uneducated people tend to be right leaning

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  8. Fascism always attacks education.

  9. Clearly the simplest answer is that there is a nationwide cabal of evil democrats controlling universities, among institutions, that is able to go unnoticed and erase all evidence of its existence.

  10. “It never ends with these people.”


  11. So go start some right-wing schools. Ones with reasonable degrees, not teaching Noah’s ark or Jesus on a dinosaur.

  12. People say it’s intelligence but it’s actually just selection bias.

    You see, conservatives just don’t want to be educated.

  13. Ben Shapiro hates Ben Shapiro

  14. At this point I just wear a mask to trigger the conservatives. Think about it: the tiniest amount of effort on my part and they almost lose the will to live. It’s an easy win.

  15. Oh yes I wonder why 🤔 complete mystery

  16. *”The most learned individuals in society have a propensity to lean towards progressive political ideals.”*

    “You know why, right?”

    *”Likely because their job is to explore the foundational concepts that inform political theory and that’s where they arrived.”*



    “Dead wrong.”

    *”Okay, then why?”*

    “Conspiracy, dude. They’re trying to turn us all into a buncha genderless, soy-boy, eco-cucks.”

    *”Well that’s ridiculous. What’s their end game? Why would they do that?”*

    “PPPPSSSHHHHH! Easy: because they hate America.”

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    TheCommunist_Scholar March 29, 2022 at 12:29 pm

    Wait is that comment being serious or sarcastic 😭😭😭😭

  18. It’s almost like knowledge leads one to be more compassionate to those around you. I wonder why the first story of the Bible is literally a story about why you shouldn’t seek knowledge? 🤔

  19. While it’s not true that all conservative people are stupid, it is true that most stupid people are conservatives.

  20. “Colleges shouldn’t be in the business of mandating masks!
    The professors can decide on their own!”

    Later: “Wh–why are the teachers still mandating masks?”

    Still later: “Colleges should ban masks! The professors can’t be trusted to decide on their own!”

  21. Literally no downside to wearing a mask.

  22. Ben Shapiro is 38. He’s still in college?

  23. Smartass libs and their fuckin’ books. It’s like they just want to show up those of us who can’t read

  24. These people would struggle with a two piece jigsaw puzzle, I swear…

  25. Im suprised mr pink didn’t get banned or downvoted into oblivion, he was one “/s” from making a good point

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    QueenElsaArrendelle March 29, 2022 at 12:29 pm

    because highly educated people have respect for high education and respect for the expertise of people who know how viruses work. my covid-denying aunt mistakenly thinks that my attitude is “I have degrees, therefore I know everything”. in actuality, I just know enough to know what I do have expertise in and what I don’t. I have an arts degree and education degree, no science degree. my education has given me respect for the education of other people and appreciation for the fact that someone with a science degree has an understanding in that field that I do not possess. I sympathize with my aunt to an extent, I understand it is unsettling to not have full understanding of vaccines and to have to trust the experts with our lives. it is unsettling not to be able to rely on our own personal knowledge for every decision. but this is how the world is, some things are too complex for everyone to understand equally, and so we have people specialize in the knowledge to help the rest of us.

  27. All but 1 or 2 Universities in my province are fairly left leaning. Around September I always like to check out their various subreddits and Facebook pages because every year there’s a treasure trove of Albertans and people from more conservative parts of experiencing the culture shock of their profs asking for their pronouns

  28. Two of my favorite professors were cons. They were both good teachers.

    Didn’t fucking “indoctrinate” me into being a con, or whatever these anti-education fucks think liberals will do to them.

    But yeah, cons love to virtue signal how they oppose common sense public health measures. Fucking sociopaths.

  29. Wanting people to wear masks in the classroom isn’t even a “liberal” thing.

    While the national GOP politics around masks is “no” actually many individual conservatives are pro-mask.

  30. Wow, weird that all these centers of learning and education, even the ones they themselves evidently most want to go to, are all fundamentally opposed to their world view. Why don’t they just go to a college that agrees with them and get a superior education? Or are there no universities like that?

  31. Other content aside – if that’s actually the university’s policy – requiring professors to set and enforce mask policy in their own classrooms – it is an unbelievably terrible decision by the school’s administration.

  32. I mean… there are conservatives with higher education, but instead of going into fields for betterment of humankind, like education, science, health… they more frequently go into fields for betterment of wallet, like business, finance, and law.

  33. If they can’t remember their professor making masking mandatory, how on earth will they remember what’s being taught during the course?

  34. Because of intelligence? 🤷🏻‍♂️😄

  35. Leave daddy shapiro alone 😩😩😩

  36. You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means

  37. Perhaps, and correct me if this is some kind of radical idea, should they take guidance from their professors?

  38. educators tend to prefer fact-based reasoning, weird.

  39. I have noticed that university restrooms have sinks so that you can wash your hands after taking a dump. Ain’t that some liberal bullshit?

  40. My stupid liberal ass grandma is always like “I need you to wear a mask, I’ve got stage 3 cancer and am having chemo”, and I’m like SHUT UP GRANDMA THIS IS FUCKING AMERICA YOU COMMUNIST BITCH

  41. I got into an argument with a fella saying that higher education is indoctrination. I told him that there are a lot of local colleges and state ones that are not as hippy dippy as like a Berkely or Yale… Just normal people going to learn some more. I don’t get how being able to think more clearly and concisely is a bad thing, I really don’t.

  42. It’s a bummer that professors don’t want a covid outbreak to happen in their class. What assholes.

  43. Reality has a known liberal bias.

  44. Weird how when people get real smart they tend to become liberals….

  45. Just like Dems need to vote more, Repugs need to school more.

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