1. These guys don’t give a sit

  2. who throws a table??

  3. There’s been multiple times I’m watching a video like this and thinking, “Damn, what could have possibly started this? Gang war? Political?” Then I go to the comments and find out they’re football fans. I love sports but god damn son. The players of this sport act like they’ve been shot if an opposing player breathes on them yet the fans are willing to crack some skulls with chairs. Lol I just don’t get it.

  4. He who has the biggest chair yields the greatest power in the lands

  5. A lot of innocent bicycles were hurt during the making of this video

  6. Groningen de gekste.

  7. Ozzyman should review this shit

  8. More like mid-chaos lol

  9. Funny how the guys in the brown coat at the end gets a chair to the back of the head by his own side, Karma 🪑

  10. Is this like for countries where dodge ball is banned?

  11. That first red chair that landed on the guys shoulders looked pretty comedic tbh

  12. What’s the point ?

  13. One time we had a fight like this at school. The funniest part was, that no one was really fighting, we just threw the chairs at each other for fun.

  14. What donny is throwing chairs so far they’re put of the shot. Trebuchet of chair throwing.

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    veryconfusedspartan March 29, 2022 at 3:03 pm


  16. Here we go, my people used as objects once again. This needs to stop!

  17. Ah football hooligans, if one side isn’t England I’ll be incredibly shocked.

  18. I watch videos on Reddit with sound off. The yobbishness says English, the location looks Dutch.

    Edit: the sound off, not on, with the sound on I’d be able to hear things.

  19. Ahhhhh, a classic

  20. Pfff, how do you guys use YOUR chairs?!

  21. I see a lot of professional chairs throwers in this battle !!!

  22. honestly, I’m kinda impressed by how they are able to launch those chairs by hand

  23. I feel bad for not pushing my chair In when I’m done and then there’s these guys

  24. So sitting down and talking was never an option i see

  25. “They’ll only be pushed sofa”

  26. Ban football. Just ban it.

  27. [deleted]

  28. Tame compared to the HS kids in Thailand chasing each other down with scythe and swords in giant street brawls

  29. I love the backstreets of amsterdam

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    SelfInteresting7259 March 29, 2022 at 3:03 pm

    Whoops I thought this was an event like the bull run or the cheese roll down the hill , or throwing tomatoes at people
    I was like “if it wasn’t so dangerous it would be funny.”
    Then I realised they are actually fighting 😂

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