1. Yes star platinum I understand.

  2. The part where he said “ORA” really hit me deep

  3. Japanese is such a beautiful language

  4. I forgot this is not r/ShitPostCrusaders

  5. Ora😔

  6. He’s right guys, maybe we should all Ora Ora a little bit more today.

  7. I feel like taking a jog now…

    thanks SP

  8. should i start worrying that i almost cried to this

  9. underStandable

  10. The fuq did you just said about my mom?!?!

  11. u/savevid or u/savevideo

  12. god this had me in stitches laughing. if he had said Kokora for heart i think i would have been in tears

  13. He is sooo good with the words

  14. Does this mean we’re all stand users?

  15. I am sp proud of this community.

  16. He has such a way with words 😌

  17. Dident the guy he was with try and shoot himself?

  18. Definitely hasn’t been reposted to oblivion

  19. Ora ora ora. Ora!

  20. Thanks star platinum i needed to hear those words. 😔
    I Will try to ora ora more

  21. Star finger

  22. Thank you for the translation I don’t speak Star Platinum very well

  23. u/savevideo

  24. u/savevideobot

  25. Somehow, I needed this. Thanks Star Platinum!

  26. Can’t wait for crazy diamond

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    Reasonable_Fun_6709 March 30, 2022 at 12:32 am


  28. #ORA.

  29. Star platinum: Ora Ora Ora Ora!
    14 year old girls: Oh my god this is so deep

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