1. There was actually a video about this on YouTube someone fell into this sort of water I think it was sewer water, he died and it went into detail
    Pretty bad

  2. I swam in something similar for my lifeguard test, you go straight down even as you paddle at full-speed. Not a nice feeling.

  3. “Deep water”

    Me: oh ok

    “Non bouyant”

    Me: *o h*

  4. Is this the water where you sink like a rock with no chance of pulling yourself up?

  5. Just recently heard a story where a guy fell in one and when they pulled his body out he didn’t have any fingertips. I assume from frantically trying to claw himself up the concrete wall. Makes you wonder why they don’t install a net over the top or ladders every couple of feet along the walls…

  6. I would rather get shot and bleed out then to drown in water or even worse human waste

  7. Why is the water non-buoyant?

  8. They need a sign that straight up says “if you fall in, you will die”

  9. New phobia unlocked…I didn’t know non-buoyant water exists

  10. I used to work in a waste water treatment plant. There was a dog that would hang around the facility. We had huge aeration basins. It’s a big cement reservoir just like this one where we pump air in at the bottom to mix up the chemicals to help with contact and coagulation. The dog fell in. She sank immediately. We were only able to get her out a few days later when we shut the air off and she floated to the top.

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    Routine-Interest3743 March 29, 2022 at 11:40 am

    What the fuck is non boyant water

  12. I work at a treatment plant. Something I always found interesting is that animals know to avoid these tanks. While most of the other uncovered tanks at my job will often have seagulls or geese chillin in them these things are always avoided.

    Another interesting but horrible fact is that there’s often lots of bloodworms chilling in the layer of sludge that rests at the bottom of these tanks.

    The aeration tank is also where the organic stuff dissolved in the wastewater is treated. That’s done using a special bacteria to consume the material and I have no idea what that bacteria would do to human flesh

  13. Ah yes, just like MGS2. Fuckin vamp.

  14. On top of a grating why not have an emergency shut off for the aeration in case someone falls in?

  15. I had a scary experience as a kid with this. I was driving a dinghy boat next to a cruise ship that was using its side propellers and it was churning the water pretty badly. As we sped by that spot of water I felt the dinghy starting to sink, thankfully it’s one of those Boston Whaler brand dinghys that have styrofoam sandwiches between its layers so it’s extra buoyant, plus we were going fast enough to clear that area

  16. Reminds me of Metal Gear Solid 2 where you fight Vamp in the water plant and he goes on explaining that once you fall in you don’t come back up.

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    GardenPuzzleheaded98 March 29, 2022 at 11:40 am

    I am deeply disturbed by this

  18. Its like white water. Its full of air bubbles so you can’t float in it and you can’t tread water

  19. So thats where the excess video game water is kept.

  20. They couldn’t put a cover over it or something?

  21. Lol a guy from the company JCO in New York said that it’s a myth people sink in that. I work at a waste water plant and we have aeration tanks and I was told I would float. Fucking New York sucks almost as much as that guy. He’s a liar by the way.

  22. Aerated water is a death trap, you will drown almost 100% of the time

  23. My father works in water treatment, not waste water anymore but he used to. I used to play around here all the time when I was little and he had to bring me to work. There was a lot of these in rows.

  24. I cleaned out on these after it had been drained. It was full of seagull poo and was one of the worst weeks of my life. They are very much terrifying knowing if anything goes wrong and you’re still down there as the water will slowly will and engulf you

  25. I’m stupid, so basically if you were to fall in this body of water, you would instantly start to sink with no hope of getting out without help?

  26. It should definitely have plenty of ladders all around if you can’t swim to surface. Or would it encourage someone to take a dip?

  27. What a shitty way to go

    Okay, I’ll see myself out

  28. That’s horrifying.

    And even worse when I see the reddit window tag saying “dive into anything”

  29. I used to inspect wastewater treatment plants. Walking across those huge digesters on a catwalk was always reeeally nerve wracking.

  30. It’s like the fight with Vamp on MGS2, I honestly didn’t know if that kind of water was a thing, I thought it was just to add tension to the fight haha

  31. I used to walk my dogs in a field across from the sewage treatment plant. There were a couple of interesting things there. One was on one of the giant tanks has a catwalk around the outer top perimeter. They have a round life preserver ring mounted on it. They might just as well have a rifle. I mean if you fall in do you really wannna go on living? The other thing is the whole property, which is very large is fenced off. It would be a great place for people with dogs that don’t listen well. I chatted with one the folks there about it but they were put off by the idea of a lot of dogs shitting on their “lawn”. Like you can have an office across the hall from 320 million gallons of bubbling excrement but a little dog shit on the lawn, nope, that might make the place unappealing.

  32. Pretty sure I’ve seen Steve-O swimming in something like that

  33. “Deep water” this doesn’t look like water.

  34. At what point is water aerated so much, it’s breathable? I suppose it wouldn’t be water so much as misty air at that point.

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