1. Matt Gaetz is gonna need to go to a different states elementary school to find a date

  2. The rights absolute obsession with creating a sexual situation that doesn’t exist and pinning it on children is concerning. Especially given their history of accusations turning into confessions.

  3. I have a child in a Florida public school. I’m far more concerned about her being shot at school than I am her being “turned gay” because the former is a thing and the latter is not.

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    livinginfutureworld March 29, 2022 at 8:09 pm

    The bill is about bankrupting public education. And censorship. And hating your neighbors.

  5. So when a student with two moms or dads in 1st grade is getting picked on or questioned repeatedly can have a teacher explain that there are heterosexual and homosexual relationships and some people don’t feel their birth sex matches their actual gender and most importantly all of this is normal there are just some groups who get really worked up about it. And somehow that is sexualizing them like a catholic priest or scout leader does? How can the right warp reality to that degree with zero self awareness?

  6. So dumb. It’s about acknowledging that LGBTQ+ people exist, not about sex.

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    acorpseistalking90 March 29, 2022 at 8:09 pm

    This was like, a talking point in the 80s and 90s that gay people only existed to like, molest kids or something. We came soooo far and now we’re back sliding like crazy.

    Remember when they said trump was the most pro LGBT president in history? I’ve heard crickets from him about all this.

  8. There’s nothing sexualising about saying ‘I have two dads’ or giving examples of different types of families.

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    Magnificant-Muggins March 29, 2022 at 8:09 pm

    >Parental Rights in Education; Requires district school boards to adopt procedures that comport with certain provisions of law for **notifying student’s parent of specified information**; requires such procedures to reinforce fundamental right of parents to make decisions regarding upbringing & control of their children; prohibits school district from adopting procedures or student support forms that prohibit school district personnel from notifying parent about specified information **or that encourage student to withhold from parent such information**; prohibits school district personnel from discouraging or prohibiting parental notification & involvement in critical decisions affecting student’s mental, emotional, or physical well-being; **prohibits classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity** in *certain* grade levels(?); requires school districts to notify parents of healthcare services; authorizes parent to bring action against school district to obtain declaratory judgment; provides for additional award of injunctive relief, damages, & reasonable attorney fees & court costs to certain parents.

    From actually reading the actual bill as written, it’s seems that:

    1. It’s left purposefully vague, so it can apply to anyone from kindergarten to high-school seniors. A weasel-phrase like ‘certain grade levels’ should not be included in a bill allegedly about protecting prepubescents. Laws should be written with as little ambiguity and subtext as possible. This is how you get slime-ball lawyers.
    2. Nowhere in this bill mentions the prohibition of talking about sexual situations in front of children. Only LGBT topics. Hypothetically, this law would ignore an exhaustive description of BDSM and extreme kink, but punish a teacher for honestly answering questions about why a student has two dads.
    3. This bill is designed to breach patient confidentiality, completely kneecapping mental health resources. A suicidal student isn’t going to open up to someone who is legally obligated to relay everything to the parents. Otherwise, they would just talk to their parents.
    4. As far as I know, ‘age-inappropriate sexual content’ is already a legal term with an agreed upon definition, that can cover everything from innuendo to pornography depending on the context. Even if it isn’t, the bill could have listed multiple specific topics that shouldn’t be discussed.

  10. Florida conservatives prefer to sexualize their minors out of school

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    idontfrickinknowman March 29, 2022 at 8:09 pm

    The fact that they perceive the bill that way is…telling to say the least. Especially coming from the projection kings and queens.

  12. “Children shouldn’t be sexualized in ______ schools.” YES! I AGREE! So can we stop sexualizing little girls when they show their shoulders or wear leggings?? I’ve had to explain to my eight-year-old why she can’t wear a tank top to school… But yes, let’s just pretend gay people don’t exist, cuz *that’s* the priority.

  13. What this bill is really about is the parents not wanting to answer a question that makes THEM uncomfortable.

    I’ll also add that my parents, who are pretty observant Catholics, think that this bill is dumb AF. “These parents don’t know what they’re talking about. The kids are already straight or gay or whatever, and reading a few books isn’t going to change that. Geez, fuck Florida.”

  14. Wow, they built AND destroyed that strawman by themselves, like big boys!

  15. There are two identities for the Right: Straight and Sexual

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    throbbing_carbonyl March 29, 2022 at 8:09 pm

    Ya know, when my son was in preschool, one of his friends had two moms.

    Here’s how the conversation would go if I were the shithead conservative who made this meme:

    Son: “she has two moms”

    Shithead: “well you can’t really have that, you need a mom and a dad”

    Son: “why?”

    Me: “well because you need a mom and dad to make a baby.”

    Son: “why?”

    Me: “well…uh…sex…uh”

    Here’s how my conversation actually went:

    Son: “she has two moms”

    Me: “oh yea, sometimes people have two moms and sometimes two dads. Nothing wrong with that, kiddo!”

    Who actually “sexualized” here?

  17. Teacher: *Different sexualites exist, some have been oppressed more than others, here’s some history about it and I’m really not going further than that.*

    Conservative, insecure, fearful, dumbfuck parent: Stop it! You’re making me–I mean my kids– want to be gay!

    Seriously, if your kids know about “mommies and daddies have babies,” they can know at least know about “two mommies and their adopted son” and “daddy is now a mommy” on a surface level. Kids don’t really care; they just want to know when recess and lunch is.

  18. “Hey there, Jr. Some families have two dads or two moms, and that’s no big deal.”

    Conservatives: “THEY’RE TURNING THE FRIGGIN ~~FROGS~~ **toddlers** GAY”

  19. I really want to hear their logic as to how teaching children about queer people and trans people is considered grooming

  20. I’m done trying to convince them that sexuality and sex are different things. It’s far too advanced for them.

  21. So they’re banning dress code?

  22. Teaching children about the reality of society vs teaching children a narrow minded pre-conceived Christian conservative world view that leaves out a good portion of their immediate world

  23. None of these losers ever cared about children and never will.

  24. The fuckers are always so easy to trigger and constantly spouting off about narrative and sheep then they take a deep breath in and this is what comes out.

    Worthless bullshit fucks

  25. Conservatives: we need to protect kids from sexual abuse

    Lefties: I agree, let’s make sure to teach basic ideas and concepts that will help children know if they’ve been sexually abused and tell someone about it

    Conservatives: wait no not like that

  26. This is unbelievable. The rights obsession with turning anyone left leaning into a pedo is unreal. There could literally be a bill that proposes to feed poor children. And they would still turn it into some kind of pedo scheme. Those people are lost. Genuinely lost.

  27. Is that the best picture they could find of him? It looks like he’s trying to fart.

  28. Alright. Got it. Don’t show anything straight either then

  29. I agree we shouldn’t have teachers looking at children’s genitals

  30. Ah, yes, because teaching that LGBT people exist and aren’t monsters is “sexualising” them….

  31. Are they deliberately misunderstanding?

  32. How exactly is educating kids about sex equivalent to sexualizing them? It’s like they read a sentence, remember two words of it, and construct a new sentence with those words and an entirely different meaning.

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    Princess_Moon_Butt March 29, 2022 at 8:09 pm

    I know I’m not going to actually change anything about this bill or its implementation, not being from Florida.

    But I’ve found a rebuttal that’s at least _somewhat_ effective at shutting up folks who insist on bringing it up and trying to convince me that it’s a good idea.

    “Have you actually read the bill?”

    They almost always answer with some variation of *”Oh come on, who has time to read all the details of these giant legal bills?”.

    It’s seven pages long. It would take less time to read than your kid spends on _one_ class’s worth of homework each night. I guarantee that anyone who brings this bill up to someone else, has spent far more time arguing _about_ the bill than than it would take to actually read it.

    But they don’t read it.

  34. As usual, dumb ignorant confederate republicans make no fucking sense

  35. *children shouldn’t learn safe sex and that being gay is ok*

  36. The bill is about not grooming children.

  37. Hello ! Child beauty pageants anyone ?

  38. Thought I was on r/dankmemes for a second.

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