1. Dark Souls 2 still amazed me even after too much time.

  2. As a Souls vet, Elden Ring is far-and-away my favorite and it’s not even close.

    But like someone else said, it’s DS2 part 2 if you squint hard enough. I certainly mean that as a compliment.

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  4. Ds2 2 Elden Ring. Let’s just call a spade a spade

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    KeepRooting4Yourself March 29, 2022 at 11:00 am

    Currently plaing ds2 and can say that while fun, I can 100% see why people rank the others above it.

  6. Ds2 is still my favorite dark souls game. I would deff rank ds3 above it but it’s deff an evolution of ds1 in my opinion.

    Maybe I’m biased, but after beating dsremastered after ds2, I like ds 2 better. Just more of everything that made ds1 great. Ds2 was my first souls game so I had no idea how much it was different from ds1. I never had trouble with adp or equipment load or anything like that, and it didn’t bother me that there was a stat for agility, I thought it was always like that. I’m not saying dark souls is not an absolutely amazing game I’m just saying ds2 is even better to me. I would absolutely rate it 90.

  7. 8-Year-old games? Dude I still play OG Demon’s Souls from time to time, and I feel like it still holds up to this day, I love that game.

  8. Folks might find it shocking but I prefer the lineal level design of dark souls 2. Some people even complain that the areas feel videogame-y, damn boi that’s why i’m here.

    I’m disliking elden ring’s end game, currently not having fun in farum azula.

  9. DS2 is peak Souls. Reddit doesn’t have to agree.

  10. Elden Ring isn’t 8 years old…duuuuh


  11. OMG!
    I’ve been playing Elden Ring for 8 years now????
    I knew I put a lot of time into it but where the hell did it go???

  12. i recently beat elden ring and was looking for more souls fun. i have played original ds2 and scholar when they where new but gave up on the game twice before [and lost my save because it doesnt support steam cloud =( ]

    i fired it up the other night and in certain ways the combat feels clunky to compared to elden ring but im gonna try and beat this bastard once and for all!

  13. Elden ring is similar to dark souls 2 for me

  14. So I absolutely love DS2. My favorite game in the whole souls born series till this year. That being said I feel like ds2 tried to do a lot of ambitious things and it fell on its face a little. Elden ring feels as ambitious as ds2 was but executed super well.

  15. DS2 is amazing, but let’s give it up to the DS2 DLC that really brought that baby home. Blue Smelter Demon; the run and the fight are literal spawns from hell and I thank From Soft for creating that experience.

  16. Let’s all remember that DS2 is the only souls game with a PROPER ng+ system. Tons of things change in ng+ on ds2. Basically nothing changes on the other games. Can’t speak for elden ring but I’m hoping they made it like ds2 ng+. Good scaling. Extra enemies. Even a puzzle you can only activate in ng+

  17. Bloodborne: Am I a joke to you?

  18. Ds2 is the mixtape of darksouls. Sloppy in a lot of regards, very very unique, steps outside of the comfort zone that past projects made, and has a whole bunch of flaws and blemishes that give insight into the creators. I like ds2 for a lot of the same reasons I like bad mixtapes from artists I like. It really lets you connect with the game or artist in a different way than a fully fledged title would, with all the time to work out the little odds and ends.

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    Royal_Investigator43 March 29, 2022 at 11:00 am

    Just replayed DS2 last Christmas. I will always love that game to death, but in hindsight I’m not sure how it got higher than 90. It’s pretty janky

  20. Ds2 is to dark souls what FF8 is to FINAL FANTASY

  21. Dark Soul II and Elden Ring are my only fromsoft plats I have! I’m not a veteran player but out of enjoyment for the 3, I’d rank them DS2, DS3, DS!

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    WatermelonENERGY001 March 29, 2022 at 11:00 am

    Dark souls 2 is elden ring with an actual difficulty to it without buggs and dumb shit.

    Cant argue that ds2 is practically open world with how big it is and places to go.

    Over 900 hours and I’ve MAYBE seen 70%

    And i always explore all and kill all i can

  23. My beloved dark souls 2 I still love you more then dark souls 1 and 3, their great games but nothing can replace the feeling dark souls 2 gave me and that counting the original version and Sin

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