1. Unfortunately this is true. The cavalry isn’t coming.

  2. My dog growing up loved holding the leash in her mouth. I think it’s because she (rightly) saw the leash as a form of power, and when she lad the leash, she had the power. So, while it’s kind of weird, it kind of makes sense too.

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    imeatingpizzaritenow March 30, 2022 at 1:37 am

    It’s ok to ask for help too 💛

  4. So true as a lonely single man in his late 20s

  5. Can I be a dog

  6. That dog is still going to need someone to open doors for him. Can’t do everything all yourself all the time.

  7. Or, this breed of dog simply loves to carry something in it’s mouth. It’s mouth is its hands.

  8. the most reliable one,is yourself,but don’t forget to rely on others too

  9. …every. damned. day.

    My ammends aren’t coming, because the people they’d be coming from have either died or don’t think they did anything wrong. So, I tell the Universe to apply those ammends to my outstanding karmic debt, and march along, knowing that, perhaps I will skip the dung beetle stage of reincarnation and move up to something better, like a tree or a nice flower.

  10. This is me

  11. Anyone else lost their leash?

  12. This is me trying to learn calculus after being out of education for 15 or so years, while my gf struggles with both her dad and aunt dying of covid and cancer. Trying to be strong but it’s hard. She’s a mess. Don’t know what to do. Pushing forward but I’m so tired because of sleep apnoea(which I’m hoping will be fixed soon)

  13. This is borderline toxic. Everyone needs help sometimes, and you should not be afraid or ashamed to ask for it.

  14. Adulthood sucks, this post helped me smile.

    Sometimes shitty weeks last a couple of months, nobody notice your efforts but what else you could do?.

  15. No dude this doesn’t motivate fucking anything holy shit

  16. ***fuck.***

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