+24617 Roman Hrybov (on the right), the border…

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2022-03-29 13:32:19

+24617 – Roman Hrybov (on the right), the border guard from the Snake Island, author of “Russian warship…” motto, is back at home!

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  1. He did a really god job in giving the Ukrainians a slogan to go by: russian … go fuck yourself! It really sticks and reflects the powerful and bold ukrainian resolve!

  2. This guy is a legend for eternity now.

  3. May he be treated as the hero he is for the rest of his days. We also need to honour the memories of the other Snake Island heroes who did not make it back home. Slava Ukraini! Heroyam Slava!!! 🇺🇦

  4. May he enjoy a healthy, long and fulfilling life.

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    dreaming_attentively March 29, 2022 at 10:48 pm

    I’m so happy they didn’t die. May Hrybov and all the defenders of Snake island get free beers in pubs forever.

  6. The man, the myth, the legend! He will go down in history as the man who inspired the world with his bravery at the very beginning of this war!

  7. I wonder if this guy realizes yet just how much his words have affected everybody. I have t-shirts from a charity on the way now with his words printed on them in Ukrainian a half world away.

    The words spoken that day have become the war cry of the Ukrainian people.


    Edit: https://saintjavelin.com/ for those wanting to support Ukraine (they have flags, too!)

  8. That man taught me my first two words of Russian.

    Rename Snake Island. It should be Roman Hrybov Island from now on.

  9. Kickass job on spurring an entire nation to defy seemingly impossible odds.

  10. What a legendary man. Send him all the swag with the phrasing of “Russian warship, go fuck yourself” available. He is a Ukrainian national treasure.

  11. The idea that you can achieve so much by saying “go fuck yourself” fills me with determination.

    He’s not just a hero to Ukraine but a hero to the world. Without firing a single bullet either.

  12. This man really defined the brave defiance of the Ukrainian people early on. His words will never be forgotten. He showed the whole world what being brave really means.

  13. Sometimes it takes a moment of defiance against a foe you can’t beat that sparks the fire of hope. 10 soldiers with machine guns vs a warship. Hope Ukraine needed and the rest of the world responded by rallying to Ukraine’s aid.

    Good job. I’m sure there will be a monument to them on snake island.

  14. I wonder how much I do about the war he was receiving while prisoner. He was probably surprised to be released to see that Ukraine is kicking Russian ass.

  15. Sources [1](https://www-unian-net.translate.goog/war/zashchitnik-zmeinogo-pogranichnik-roman-gribov-kotoryy-poslal-korabl-vernulsya-domoy-novosti-vtorzheniya-rossii-na-ukrainu-11764546.html?_x_tr_sl=ru&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=uk&_x_tr_pto=wapp), [2](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJ-afStm_Zs)

    *Border guard Roman Hrybov – the author of the legendary phrase about the Russian ship – returned from captivity and is at home in the Cherkasy region.*

    *This was announced by the chairman of the Cherkasy OVA Igor Taburets (OP photo, on the left).*

    *“I had the honor of welcoming our, without exaggeration, legendary border guard to our homeland. Roman participated in the defense of Snake Island. The creator of that very slogan of war against the Russian invaders. Roman, born in Cherkasy, together with his brothers, demonstrated to the whole world the firmness and strength of the Ukrainian spirit, our invincibility,” said Taburets.*

  16. They need to invent a new medal for people like Roman Hrybov. Because people like him set the tone of the resistance from the day 1.

    And they award it to all those that resisted russian scum occupiers with extreme bravery and I don’t give a f*ck attitude (and a bit of humor).

    Like those people dancing on the street while playing and singing Bayraktar to russian scum patrol.

    Like that guy who walked up to a russian scum personal carrier, reached in and liberated ukrainian flag which the a**holes took off a building.

    Like that guy asking russian scum tank crew if they need a tow back to russia.

    Like that sunflower lady.

    Like that lady refusing a “care package’ because it didn’t have caviar in it.

    Like all those people walking up to scum patrols and pushing them back just with their voice and bravery.

    Like… damn, this could be the whole country…

  17. Fucking Legend!!!!!

  18. It’s a wonderful day for Ukraine, and therefore, the world!

  19. The need to make 100 statues of him and place it at every road coming from Russia, so Russians will see and remember for the next 100 years.

  20. One of the original badasses of the war. He inspired so many people with his bravery and defiance.

  21. I thought they all died? Good to hear he’s ok regardless!

  22. I don’t understand – Russia is returning captured Ukrainian soldiers?

  23. This is one of the top war quotes ever

  24. Ukrainian hero, welcome home!

  25. This dude literally inspired the entire world.

  26. Wait, so is the audio clip of him telling the Russians to go fuck themselves actually real? Like, it’s confirmed that it actually happened and he was the one who said it?

  27. 🇺🇦 HEROYAM SLAVA! 🇺🇦

  28. I thought all of them died? The Ukrainian soldiers that said that.

  29. Wait i tought rhat they were all dead. They are not?

  30. Unfortunately everyone in that room got sent to another dimension due to someone with a camera taking a picture of someone taking a picture with them in it

  31. Cool update. Thanks for sharing

  32. What a Chad. 🗿

  33. Didn’t he die in the opening salvo from that warship? Is this propaganda?

    Either way I hope he really is alive

  34. This man has become an icon

  35. Are yall fucking serious is this really the guy? Must be amazing for morale. This Hero, the ghost of Kyiv and the slogan from the woman telling RuzZ Orcs to put sunflowers in they pockets will be the fuel for generations to come to resist, to fight these oppressors knowing SOME ONE Is willing to stand against such evil

  36. Wait, he lived?! Oh man that’s awesome. I just assumed he was killed at Snake Island.

  37. Good that he is alive. So his death was just propaganda. At least reality is better.

  38. So alive after all? !!

  39. I thought they all died?!

  40. Didnt all die in that Island ?
    They original story, wasnt they told Them go fuck yourself then they bombed the whole Island ?

  41. I thought they all died.

  42. How did he get back home? i thought he was captured by the russians? did they just let him go?

  43. “author…” lol

    So glad he and the crew are home safe

  44. Hopefully a sign that this war is ending.

  45. I thought they all dead. Can’t trust all post. Glad he is alive.

  46. But we got told they all died on the island…..

  47. Ah, the legend has returned!

  48. Dude’s gonna have a life time free beer in a lot of country.

  49. The man whose words united the world in the face of impossible odds.

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