1. Mussolini predicted Paradox’s godawful peace conference mechanics

  2. Not wrong, you have to get that war score somehow

  3. I hate that mechanic, I tend to try and optimize unit casualties and it drives my wild when Yugoslavia or someone goes to zero manpower on scrapping the barrel by constantly attacking so they match my war score for conquering most the world

  4. R5: Mussolini spittin’ facts

  5. Little did he know that the German and Japanese player could pass turn back and forth and lock everyone else out of warscore during the peace conference

  6. One of my favorite loading screen quotes is “Oops” -Benito Mussolini

  7. Mussolini is the exact type who puts in the least amount of effort and takes all the credit

  8. Italy: *loosing Afrika*

    Me as spain: *taking all of the uk alone*

    Italy: *imma take Scotland now*

    Edit:looks better now

  9. too bad he didn’t have player lead peace conferences

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    randomnassusername March 29, 2022 at 3:13 pm

    Damn those dudes looking sexy

  11. Ohh that reminds me, april 1st quotes soon!

  12. He knew he needed war score somehow

  13. Is this a 4real quote?

  14. Thanks.. But I’m going to lead here…

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