1. What kind of sorcery is this.

  2. amazing job! the potatoes for sure would absolutely fool me. it’d be funny to throw some of them in with dinner sometime and serve them to someone

  3. Amazing, especially the leeks! This green fade is very nice 🙂

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    SlightlyOutOfFocus March 30, 2022 at 3:07 am

    I love this! Can you post a pic of the cake?

  5. They are excellent. The potatoes and carrots look so real.

  6. What has Grumpy done to deserve these little gems!? So good!

  7. this isn’t fondant is it?

  8. Literally *how*

  9. Yes mom, I AM eating my vegetables!

  10. If this is only mildly interesting, I give up.

  11. Woah good job!

  12. Amazing 😍

  13. Thats really very impressive!

  14. Wow that is super convincing, I almost thought this was an advertisement they looked so perfect

  15. Your leeks are so cute!

  16. See Healthy eating isn’t that hard.

  17. Those looking real nice, congrats!

  18. Awesome! Looks tasty

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    GhostOfWhatsIAName March 30, 2022 at 3:07 am

    All I see is vegetables, where’s the icing?

  20. You’re a great talent. My mom was a pastry chef and she’s blown away.

  21. Great job

  22. You should totally show us the cake when it’s done!

  23. You are so talented!!

  24. I’ll growing real versions of those. Well, everything but carrots, so my garden has potatoes, tomatoes, leeks, pumpkins and more.

  25. Damn the potatoes and carrots look soooooo good

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