1. As long as there is eldian blood its a subject of ymir, even if it is genetically 0.0000000000000001 percent since they are still connected through paths

  2. maybe they get different volume?

  3. imagine being a child who was left in the wild Tarzan style hearing that message

  4. Wouldn’t it only work for 50% eldian?

  5. What if they speak a different language and just end up hearing a bunch of gibberish

  6. Perhaps it’s kinda distorted due to weak signal, or it lasts less time… Perhaps he can freely walk in the paths or something… Think about the posisbilities!!

  7. I wonder how eldians who didn’t speak the same language reacted

  8. *goes to HIS basement and plays Attack on titan 2 final battle to wait out the rumbling*

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    AmazingTowelOfficial March 29, 2022 at 5:32 pm

    “The rumbling podcast”

  10. Would be really funny if a third of Marleyans suddenly got revealed as 0.000x% Eldians

  11. Technically you can only be a Subject of Ymir if you have at least 50% eldian genetics iirc, so if Reiner had children with a Marleyan for example, they would not be subjects of ymir since they’re only 25% eldian, not to ruin the joke, I still like it

  12. Worst way to find out you had Eldian Ancestry

  13. I’m sure many people found out they’re eldian like that lmao.

    Ramzi and Halil see Ymir before being crushed, so even some people from the Mid-East have eldian blood in them.

  14. [deleted]

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