1. HOHo hOUohO

  2. r/dontflinch

  3. Stick fly so fast, my laugh delayed 2 second after the video end

  4. The stick will always get payback

  5. r/killedthecameraman

  6. Probably one of the best timed video of this sub

  7. Holy shit, I did not see that one coming

  8. -150

    Critical hit.

  9. u/savevideo

  10. Are the straights alright?

  11. That happened to me once

  12. There’s your problem. Filled the piñata with hard candy.

  13. I got my kids a piñata one time and never again. I had to beat the shit out of that thing myself for like 5 minutes straight to get the candy to come out

  14. No ones going to mention the woman accidentally taking a selfie?

  15. is it still laughing if you got no feeth?

  16. Reply
    Responsible_Card2167 March 29, 2022 at 4:44 pm

    shit made me flinch

  17. u/SaveVideoBot

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