1. It’s missing a battery and does have a few scuffs and dings, but for $1 it’s pretty freaking cool. Replaced the HDD with an SSD and will be upgrading ram soon enough. The disc drive is pretty wonky, surprised it was able to boot into the OS installer. Really like the magnetic latch system and just the overall aesthetic. Bought a magsafe charger from a friend for another dollar.

  2. how could you find these great thrift storeeeee i want 1 but i cant find for 1 dollar:(

  3. A dollar??! Jesus. I spent years looking for one that wasn’t overpriced and I got one with a bad GPU lmao

  4. Install Windows 10 on it and don’t bother with the macOS since most apps are not supported in macOS it runs.

  5. If you want to use it only for web browsing or as a word processor, I’d recommend booting a light-weight Linux distro onto it like Ubuntu.

  6. Very freaking cool.

  7. Is this the model where the Nvidia GPU fails in almost all of them?

  8. Damn this pic brings back memories! I had a 17” MBP, loved that laptop!

  9. Grats! Looks pretty clean from the pic.

  10. I loved that MBP

  11. IMO this was the pinnacle of laptop design. The all silver design, the curved keyboard keys that feel perfect under your fingertips, it really was as good as laptop design ever got. But for better or worse, technology marches on.

  12. I remember being a kid when that thing came out and my best friend’s dad had just got one. I had never seen anything like it. My friend was like, “that laptop is three thousand dollars, my dad will kill you if you come near it.” Ancient history at this point

  13. My local thrift stores don’t sell computers because the employees aren’t smart enough to wipe/remove hard drives.

  14. linux swap and boom you got yourself a web surfer

  15. When it will come the day where someone will sell me a Castle for 50 cents?

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