1. Reminder that generic catgirls also exist in TES

  2. Furry shit vs weeb shit

  3. I think a big difference for me is how the narrative is portrayed. In most western rpgs *you* are the main character and there is some choice and freedom for what you think.

    In a jrpg you are apart of the developer story and following their protagonists.

    As an aside do catgirls have two sets of ears? And wouldn’t having a tail make it impossible to sit like a human?

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    Benjamin_Starscape March 29, 2022 at 4:58 pm

    *about that*… One of the variants of khajiit is more human looking with ears and a tail. Iirc that variant was used in daggerfall.

  5. Ahdarji is retired. She’s a catwoman.

  6. Uhhhh I see you haven’t heard of Ohmes and Ohmes-Raht. TES has both kind of cat girls in its lore.

  7. The western version looks like it came out of Chernobyl.

  8. That later are canon though, j ust not playable.

  9. Oh those cat girls are coming to FFXIV in the future they have already said look at the lion boys in FFXIV

  10. Japan people horny

  11. Please go outside

  12. Tell me, has the catgirl from the jrpg a huge lore regarding two moons and the province of Elsweyr?

  13. Oh cmon this is unfair to ffxiv, at least show the hrothgars lmao

  14. *Bethesdas resistance to nice aesthetics intensifies*

  15. Prefer the khajiit tbh

  16. would kill to be the girl on the right ngl. irl catgirl transition when

  17. I’m just waiting for the eventual mainline tes game set in Elsweyr, when Bethesda finally officially retcons khajiit breeds away, especially the human-ish ones, claiming that ever having hot cat girls again would be sexist.. but mostly because they’re just too lazy to make five different animation skeletons and dozens of different textures sets for a single race.

  18. Elder scrolls literally has both in lore…rofl

  19. And I’ll always love the one on the left the most.

  20. So one is realistic and the other one caters to incels?

  21. Right is just an anime girl with cat ears and tail glued on. She is a lazy cosplayer not a different race of people.
    Khajiit are automaticly superior.

  22. Further proof of Western RPG superiority

  23. All Jrpg characters look the same, boring as fuck

  24. why do anime females always just look like 12 year old white girls?

    edit: getting downvotes by pedos but no argument against what I said.

  25. western rpg over shitty jrpgs anyday

  26. All weebs deserve the rope

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    Comprehensive-Bat214 March 29, 2022 at 4:58 pm

    While I can appreciate the aesthetics of the jrpg, I will always want to be immersed in elder scrolls. I wish they would hurry with the new one.

  28. You think I’m gonna choose what is essentially a human with cat ears and a tail over a Khajiit beastly god person? Uh, yeah, Western RPG wins this one.

    Also how unfair using the Oblivion Khajiit that looks like it got hit in the face with a frying pan. Use an ESO Khajiit.

  29. Facts

  30. The picture on the right looks so much like my final 14 character I feel personally attacked

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    Normal-Computer-3669 March 29, 2022 at 4:58 pm

    I’m playing LostArk and every single character looks like the right.

    Even worst, women characters wear heels to combat, and armor includes panties.

    Combat is nice and crunchy though.

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