1. I eat them too. Bread is bread.

  2. Yeah welcome to the club pal.

  3. The ends are my favorite of sliced bread, I save them to make sandwiches out of the two.

  4. Am I the only one that love this part.

  5. Ah jeez I was gonna say they also make a good hotdog bun if you run out of them.

  6. Heel. It’s called the heel of the loaf.

  7. Bread butt.

  8. A toasted endy is epic.

  9. Those are the best slices for jelly because they don’t sog as quickly. As long as the heel part is inward and on top and the peanut butter is on a middle slice beneath it, you have a nicely textured sandwich

  10. Some of y’all don’t make french toast and it shows

  11. How to tell someone you hate him very smooth ”You are the 2 end of the bread, everyone tats you and jet nobody wants you”

  12. In Norway we have a word for those, it’s “skalk” 😛

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    GlaurungTheGreatWorm March 29, 2022 at 11:52 pm

    Now to start a real conversation, what do you all call it ? Here in Scotland it’s an outsider.

  14. They also feed ducks and pigeons

  15. If you used a pan with heatsinks on the ends, that kept the ends cool, could you bake loads without heels? Or just use a pan 10 loafs long and keep the two heels.

  16. Actually I like them

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    Neither_Permission_6 March 29, 2022 at 11:52 pm

    Only those who’ve had sleep for dinner appreciate the end slices

  18. Use them to make a toast sandwich.

  19. End slice toast with peanut butter is great though!

  20. Surely we have the technology to make one long bread continuously, such that there never needs to be an end piece. You could order bread by the yard!

  21. I fucking love crust on bread, these pieces solo the entire loaf

  22. The heelie bits. The heelie bits are brilliant for making sandwiches with.

  23. You also feed ducks if enough of you survive long enough without going moldy.

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