1. The lighting detail is fantastic! Great job!

  2. This is so amazing i love it

  3. Prank him john!

  4. So floofyyy

  5. Where paws

  6. Adorable

  7. This is amazing!

  8. Wonderful evening

  9. Looks rly good!


  11. Ah yes, floofyness of a adorable thing

  12. what’s he watching?

  13. Why was my first instinct “oh no he’s in the microwave”? I do not understand my brain sometimes

  14. Soo fuwucking cuwute!

  15. “Prank him john!”

  16. Awwwww sleepy cutie

  17. That floof…😮

  18. Awww he’s soooo cute <3

  19. Woah this looks cool 🙂

  20. *slap* WAKE UPP!!!

  21. I want to cuddle

  22. Adorable!

  23. furries are very cute when they’re sleeping

  24. :O is that a koi fox? i am too :))

  25. C-cuddle~

  26. Oh wow, this is beautiful, and he is adorable. ^^

  27. Let the boy sleep, he needs his little rest.

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