1. How exactly does Yorick jungle work? Need guidance pls🙏

  2. I play morde mid because top sucks

  3. I got fucked by kled mid yesterday. Not very pleasant game.

  4. Lethality renekton mid baby. Works like a charm

  5. Top is like playing an entirely different game smh

  6. I play top Kayn because I don’t wanna get flamed for everything

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    Environmental_Set_32 March 29, 2022 at 5:19 pm

    I play chogath jungle because I hate top, we are also the same

  8. Kled Jungle is strong too if you manage to keep your mount.

  9. playing mid is cool because if you have above-average wave control you can play whatever you want.
    I’ve mailed Lillia, Leona, Kayle, Shyvanna, Kalista with jungle duo, and many others (currently I want to try Zeri) and it always worked and was a lot of fun. my favorite probably was Leona, going tank-cdr on mid just making their weak ass assassin useless for 45 minutes is so much fun

  10. Yorick jungle is god tier fun

  11. I play teemo jungle because he’s ranged and ranged tops are scum

  12. I hate top because ADCs are up here.

  13. I play Morde ADC cause top sucks

  14. I enjoy top as I play Garen and never miss my full combo(Obviously a pro) E spin spin spin

  15. I tried learning Qiyana, and a m7 Kled was my enemy laner, and I had never even played against him top. Needless to say, I got thrashed

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    No_Butterscotch8169 March 29, 2022 at 5:19 pm

    Sett mid, can one shot squishies with hail of blades and survive any viegar burst with W.

  17. I play Mundo top because top sucks (I’m the reason)

  18. Top is the worst lane hands down, but 90% of top laners are broken as fuck so it evens out.

  19. I remember mid laning with Kled like a year and a half ago now. I was so done with the game I was putting every stupid champ I could think of mid. I won quite a few of my bronze games with Nunu, kled, and Garen

  20. Tanks are better in the midlane imo. So yeah

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    SirChadMountedMadLad March 29, 2022 at 5:19 pm

    Kled jungle has entered the chat.

  22. I play hecarim mid because i like being the first one to help my jungler in a fight

  23. I play Sett Jungle because top sucks.

  24. I’m different, we are not the same. I change my role to top because the jgl doesn’t know top exist and it’s in another dimension like mord ult

  25. I play Akali, Riven and Irelia top

    I’m the reason top sucks

    We are not the same

  26. Top is the best for a player like me, because Bot has to depend on it’s support. Sometimes you end up babysitting your own support,

    As support you babysit your bad adc

    Mid lane gets the most ganks, sometimes from roaming bot lanes when you have bot laners that don’t ping Mia

    Jungle babysits EVERYONE, and when you have top lane complaining they’re being ganked as bot lane feeds it can be annoying for me.

    Top lane I can handle my own. If all Lanes are feeding I can at least handle my lane and keep top busy enough for the rest to hopefully turn it around.

  27. I play bard mid because sup suck, does this count?

  28. I play Jax top so I can avoid top all game. I also play Jax in every other position so I can avoid top further

  29. I play Kayle mid because top sucks

  30. Every time im top I just want to kill myself afterwards

  31. Bruh I’m going back to pyke support because toplane fuckin sucks turkey dick. I’ve been in that role for years and I think it’s time to go back to harpoon man.

  32. Lethality Aatrox jungle here

  33. As a shen Main, top sucks

  34. Darius jungle because top sucks

  35. I play Urgot mid because top sucks. We are the same.

  36. Is there someone that doesn’t “complain” that the role they play sucks?

  37. I play ireli mid becases top sucks

  38. Yorick and Kled are 2 of the main reasons why Top Sucks

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  40. I just stopped playing league until riot fixs top, that lane is unplayeable

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    PhilosophicalToast March 29, 2022 at 5:19 pm

    If top sucks, ADC sucks, and by extension support probably sucks too, what’s the point of even playing the game anymore?

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  43. Lmao toplane champs are uber broken atm wtf is wrong with both of you

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