1. Third face, smiling again: “The entire enemy team keeps shooting at deflect and Bastion dies”

  2. i always switch to genji when theres a bastion just for deflect and that poor dva and rein shield

  3. This Bastion thinks he knows what he’s doing, time to lift my back off from my gamer chair and get serious.

  4. In Season 1 Genji was a hardcounter against Bastion, one deflect and he was gone. Good chaotic times

  5. Omae wa mo

  6. It’s rare but there are actually Bastions who have some common sense.

  7. Literally me

  8. As a bastion main the funniest thing is seeing the fear in a genji’s eyes as they realize some bastion players have more than 2 braincells

  9. I really miss when the game was new. My favorite was play Zarya v Bastion. And I would pop out around a corner, me and the bastion would target each other, I would shield myself, the bastion keeps firing into my shield, powering me up. If everything goes perfectly, Bastion dies just before Zarya would. Got to pull it off twice in my career.

  10. I love when they don’t stop shooting and I kill them the same way several times during the match. Like bro stop shooting

  11. Gold mentality? What players still shoot a deflect?

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  13. That’s gameplay sabotage!

  14. Proudest moment of my Overwatch career was learning how to bait the Genji into using his deflect.

  15. This is literally how it fills, I play Lego skin bastion because it’s bright yellow abs easy to see me so this shit happens. Lmao

  16. Lol, I always just imagine they’re so frustrated as they swoosh around and we both just wait for it to end.

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