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    CharaKnifeToMeetYou March 30, 2022 at 12:48 am

    Oh no sproink stopped jumping for one panel!

  2. Turns into a torterra rip? What?

  3. Based on the “I Love Honey” comic meme by Eatmypaint.

    I made this on [Katalystcomics!](https://www.instagram.com/katalystcomics)

  4. Well snorklax you know what I don’t like fat ass Pokémon taking up the road and eating all my food

  5. Why am I not using Thief on more Snorlax? Specifically the Wild Area one

  6. Excuse me? Torterra rip off? Snorlax was first. Snorlax existed before torterra was a synapse in the devs brain.

  7. Do NOT insult my beautiful boi Snorlax

  8. Good drawing, good meme, good job

  9. Yeah, and Daft Punk copied Kanye West ^/s

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