1. I just joined a start-up and I chose a similar plan. Copayment is $25 though, no deductible or coinsurance for $30/mo. My last job? $220/mo. But unions are definitely the way to go!

  2. Y’all hiring? Man that looks amazing. I quit jobs over poor health plans.

  3. That’s great, and I’m glad you have it. But health care shouldn’t even be tied to employment.

  4. Unions. For the mother-fucking-win… We matter, in numbers anyways.

  5. Wow. I pay zero but have a deductible of 3500 and co-insurance (what a fucking bullshit term).

  6. When I had a baby, I worked for a company with amazing health insurance (no union—it was the American division of a British company). I paid $35 total to have my baby. I had an induction, an emergency c section, and post birth complications that kept me in the hospital for a full week. And my total out of pocket payment was $35.

    Anyway I have much worse health insurance now!

  7. My baby cost $1,843. On teachers insurance. Yay.

  8. My wife had 2 babies, we went to the hospital then went home. Then end. My only costs were the vending machines for soft drinks and snacks.

    Unions are important, but universal healthcare is probably more important.

    Fight for both of them equally.

  9. Tell Peg I said congratulations

  10. Wow. This blows my mind. I am working for a startup right now that covers 100% of my monthly premium (but I still have a $7500 deductible/out of pocket cost), and to me, that was the most exciting news I’d ever heard. I meet my deductible within a few months each year due to chronic illness and constant hospital stays, but it’s all debt and much of it is in collections. This is obviously way better! Good for you! My monthly medications cost more than it did for “Peg” to have a fake “example” baby!

  11. I’m pretty new to politics, but I don’t understand why unions aren’t everywhere. They seem to greatly benefit the majority, my best guess would be that the wealthy use their power to keep unions from becoming the norm, but I feel like they don’t have enough power to stop something that appears objectively good. I really don’t know much, so I’m hoping one of you will explain it to me

  12. I have to buy insurance through the ACA marketplace in my state. Paying $1400 per month for my wife and I and I still have a $70 co-pay to see my doctor.

  13. My brother works for UPS but it’s back breaking work. He recently got his CDL and switched to diving trucks at night. Knees couldn’t last delivering 250ish stops a day.

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    words_never_escapeme March 30, 2022 at 6:51 am

    “This here is ‘Murica, son.

    We don’t need no commie union to make shit better.”

    Literally every non union, uneducated, biased, misinformed fool evarrr.

  15. Oh yeah, well I only have to pay $5000 plus 20%

  16. I would pay 50x that at least, on top of premiums and co-pays, and yet somehow my work plan meets the definition of affordable coverage in FL so I get no state/federal assistance.

  17. What is your out of pocket max?

  18. That’s pretty good, I ended up paying about $1000 when I had my kid but that wasn’t for my prenatal care or delivery it was for my 2 ER visits that weren’t considered standard prenatal or delivery care. The first was dehydration due to morning sickness from hell, the second was at 38 weeks when my normally super active baby just stopped moving for 3hrs and nothing made her stir. Freaked out and went to ER, turns out the little brat decided to take a nap and everything was perfectly fine, was born 5 days later.

  19. Lol, my wife and I had to pay $8k for each of our kids. That was with health insurance.

  20. Not all unions are this good. Don’t just find a Union job, find one where the Union is not worthless.

  21. My past union didn’t have shit on this, tbh

  22. CMRJB local 969 barely covered anything and no dental or vision. Then having to deal with the rats and scabs from unite here local 1, crossing union lines taking our work and reporting back to management just to kiss ass.

  23. You pay 60 bucks to get pegged?

  24. I’m Jelly

  25. Must be nice to be able to afford insurance.

  26. Peggy puts out, be like Peggy.

  27. Meanwhile my deductible is $5500 and my plan costs $70 a month

  28. So, excuse my ignorance, but how does this work exactly? The union provides this health insurance or they negotiate the plan with a leading provider?

    I’m baffled this isn’t an option for everyone.

  29. I work for Domino’s, been with them 16 years. I have insurance but it costs me 11% of my pay each check. So I’m paying almost $5,000 a year for it but I can’t afford to actually use it. But I’m afraid to drop it in case something big happens.

  30. Oh man that’s 2001 prices. Good for you, and go Unions!

  31. Bots are gonna be hard at work on this post!

    Edit due to autocorrect, from boys to bots. It tried it again, almost made it bits.

  32. UPS ad? Kidding

    Also why specifically choose pregnancy? Show something like a hospital visit and days in hospital,specialist out of network, mri/cat scans.

  33. Fuck, I work at a 7,000+ person company and our insurance isn’t that good. Seems unions can get really good insurance. Why can’t large companies get as good insurance?

  34. My baby cost $35,000 before insurance. Nothing special, planned c-section, 3 or 4 days in recovery. Fortunately we had insurance, and it “only” cost us $3000 to take her home.

    Your union seems pretty fucking lit.

  35. I have hospital insurance, before affordable healthcare act i paid $150 to have a baby, after approx $3k

  36. I’m borderline drooling.

  37. Healthcare shouldn’t be tied to a job. Just sayin’.

  38. Nice shit also im assuming you are having a baby, so congrats!

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    PossibleLifeform889 March 30, 2022 at 6:51 am

    This is actually possible in the US? I feel so robbed by all my previous healthcare

  40. OP’s example it’s great but nowhere near widespread as different industries and unions offer what they can through their CBA. Someone is ultimately paying for it which for some companies is the consumers. The days of companies eating these costs are long gone. If they pay out $10 you can be sure they’re charging someone at least $11. Union’s are a solution but they aren’t always THE solution.

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