1. Oh my gosh. You knock it out of the park. The color scheme and the facial expression is spot on.
    Totally badass!!!

  2. Hmm I think thats exactly what jinx would look like irl

  3. Jinx but she didn’t sleep for 5 days straight

  4. You reeeeeally captured her facial expression and demeanour. Incredible work.

  5. Hiya!

    This is awesome. Amazing job! 👏

  6. Amazing job on this cosplay, OP!! Wonderful work!

  7. Wow! Makeup is on point

  8. Damn. Make up on point

  9. Low key the best arcane cosplay I’ve seen, fucking spot on.

  10. You really made the gatling gun too wow. Ten outta ten, toots!

  11. Nice! Great job. Would love to see a side by side with you doing one of her crazy looks too

  12. Nice

  13. Perfection.

  14. You look awesome! You really nailed the makeup and tattoos

  15. If they do live action, they should hire you 😀
    Please do more of her expressions, this looks so good!

  16. Woow this is so good!!

  17. Pictures you can hear! Absolutely spot on, well done OP!

  18. Reply
    icecreamsfcknamazing March 29, 2022 at 7:24 pm

    I love this!!!

  19. Perfect facial expression. Definitely fearing for my life and getting ready to dodge superhuman-stength- propelled grenades.

  20. you got her bangs JUST right. I’m cosplaying jinx soon at a con and styling the bangs has me stressed lmao. can I ask what wig you went with? I wanted to get an arda but they were sold out 😅

  21. With this look you make all the other Jinx cosplayers run for their money.

  22. Great!

  23. 👌👌👌

  24. Awesome!

  25. OOH this is so good!!!!

  26. This is the most accurate jinx I’ve seen. Wow

  27. Woah!! Everything is perfect

  28. Yo this is pretty good

  29. Well done Hippo 🙂

  30. 😍👌

  31. Your facial expression is just so spot on, it’s perfect!

    Everything else is fantastic too. Well done!!

  32. Godamn people are talented

  33. Fantastic!

  34. phenominal

  35. Nice 👍


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