1. Doesn’t matter, initiate murder plot.

  2. Mapgamers have three jokes
    1.No irl life
    2.Mod weird
    3.warcrimes funny

  3. Why can’t I enter the debug menu and see if my neighbours been fucking my wife?

  4. I recently realized that when I was feeling overwhelmed at work, I would tap my spacebar, as if to pause time, so I could read my emails. Maybe I need to take a break.

  5. Op is indulgent wastrel, inbred, psychopath

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  7. I don’t like it when people talk to me with their hands.

  8. Every ck homie Gotta love tinder

  9. u/DownloadVideo

  10. My personality: no money. I would be interesting etc but I can’t afford it so I spend what I have on a roof

  11. Its like Intel you need to spy on them to gain that info

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