1. She’s beautiful!!

  2. Omg it looks so good – truly like birds IN PARADISE

  3. *cries in New Englander*

  4. My mothers is a tough sob. It lives outdoors, in ground here in south texas on the gulf coast. She’s survived multiple freezes and hurricanes. She’s eternal.

  5. Brb showing this to my BOP

  6. r/matureplants ? beautiful!

  7. Looks like it needs a bigger pot 👀

  8. How big was she when you got her? Do you live in a warm area? I’m going to plant some Birds of Paradise seeds & just curious about them.

  9. gorgeous!!

  10. God I want one so bad but I have nowhere to put it. The day I get a renovated kitchen/sunroom, I’m getting one.

  11. I’m convinced mine will never look like this, it and makes me so sad

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    ThrowawayRAburner012 March 29, 2022 at 9:46 pm

    Wow! I’m jealous!

  13. Just got my seeds today. Hope all of them germinate and grow to be like this in 3-5 years.

  14. So jealous!! She’s gorgeous

  15. I want one now! So pretty!

  16. Beautiful! Whenever I see a bird of paradise I always think the bird’s head is the horizontal part and the yellow shoots are its hair and I can’t un-see it 😂

  17. wowza! they have the coolest flowers

  18. This is so unfortunate

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