1. Well if any of you knew how to change your perspective and become empathetic and try to understand other people’s perspectives maybe you would understand why he cried.

    Not to say he is right
    But if look at his perspective he sees groups of people alienated and alienating themselves harming others because they’re upset about where they are in life and where they were placed he sees a complete waste of potential he’s a religious man who sees an individuals trials and tribulations is that of a test by God. He sees up most Rebellion I guess God and their actions is very sad when you think of it from his perspective once again I’m not saying he’s correct

  2. Jordan Peterson really fucked his brain up with his benzo addiction.

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    TheTrifarianLegion March 29, 2022 at 2:32 pm

    I think Peterson was sick for about a year and hasn’t been the same since. From what I remember he suffered some brain damage as well or smth

  4. Can you be a psychologist and believe in god? I always thought they contradicted each other. Maybe I’m thinking of something else, please correct me!

  5. “Reporter” is carrying a lot of weight in that sentence.

  6. Andy Ngo is a dickhead through and through but God, Peterson annoys me so much.

    Peterson takes on the mantle of science, while claiming absolutely false scientific backup material which has no grounding in any research method on the planet. He’s been counter-scientific for years, but has found a niche place as the scientist of the alt-right.

    He’ll also complain about cancel culture, when he had to abandon his plan to write a blacklist of ‘Neo-Marxist’ courses, naming professors on said courses.

    Not to mention that he consistently makes reference to ‘Postmodern Neo-Marxism’, which when dissected, means *absolutely fucking nothing*. Postmodern New Marxism? So, Marxism founded out of an era of ideological skepticism and sensitivity? Or literary postmodernism? Seriously, it means literally nothing. It’s a philosophical buzzword and dogwhistle rolled into one.

    And on top of all that, as if I couldn’t respect him less, he wrote some of those goddamn self-help books, which for me stand as a marker of incompetence in any field.

  7. First ANTIFA isn’t a group; it’s an ideal born out of Charlottesville. Second, it stands for anti-facist. No Nazi or proud boys who are real groups. a made-up enemy to underscore political points. How dumb are some Americans to be fooled so easily?

  8. This reminds me of that scene in Castlevania where its like

    *building rattles*

    Sypha: “See? God hates me”

    except Sypha ain’t a bitch,

  9. Andy Ngo is not a reporter. He’s a right-wing provacateur

  10. Huh? I just can’t parse anything in this statement. Can people just stop being weird please?

  11. I used to listen to Peterson until I realised he believed so strongly in religion

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    Hot_Hovercraft3079 March 29, 2022 at 2:32 pm

    Revenge against God. But yeah. He cried like a little bitch.

  13. The title is actually misleading.

    JBP describes it as a revenge against God for the crkne of being.

    Not gods revenge.

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    captain_partypooper March 29, 2022 at 2:32 pm

    Jésus Marie Joseph, This guy needs a psychiatrist. I don’t want to be ableist but.. what a fucking nutjob.

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    Psychological_Web687 March 29, 2022 at 2:32 pm

    God’s revenge or revenge against God?

  16. It still blows my mind how beloved Jordan Peterson was amongst those fucking weirdos online that worshiped this dude and said that he was what all men should aspire to be.

  17. [removed]

  18. He is slipping farther into insanity each day.

  19. For a clinical psychologist, Peterson seems to sure have alot of mental baggage…

  20. Thats not a reporter- that’s a fascist adjacent shit stirrer who appears to be connected to a lot more violence than your run of the mill antifa super soldier

  21. Estianna you’ve not understood the quote. You’ve made a mess of this. Of course mental health is hilarious anyway (not) but you’ve wrote as if it’s “gods revenge” original is phrased as antifa revenge against god.
    Good to see your a c*nt in more ways than one.

  22. I remember trying to understand why people raved about Jordan Peterson some years back. I watched some of his content and didn’t get it, because it was just such empty waffle.

    I saw a clip of something he was on recently and it made my hair stand on end. There is such barely controlled rage in that man.

    Stuff like this makes me think he’s even closer to a break down than he was before.

  23. I thought Jordan Petterson was an atheist? why has the alt right became so christian it’s bizarre.

  24. And people take this guy seriously too, taking his word as gospel 😂🤦‍♂️

  25. Benzo futures market looking bullish!

  26. What a weak male, society has broken him

  27. Title of the post refering to Andy fckn Ngo as “reporter” is really pissing me off tbh, that guy is an actual neonazi. Hes famous for, among other things, doxxing antifascists, leftist or just protesters in general (BLM protesters for example) to far right militias. In other words, nazis with lots of guns…

    They threaten (death threats, r*pe threats, the credible kind too), harass and use violence against anyone and everyone he points them to…

    Focusing this post on JP being more than his usual dickhead self is a disservice, cuz hes being interviewed by one of the most “prominent”/infamous far right figures in media today. That context matters

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    Adventurous-Car-7496 March 29, 2022 at 2:32 pm

    Is the antifa in the room with you now, mr peterson?

    *passes tissue… realises it’s a wank sock*

  29. I’m really not sure if Jordan Peterson is clever, but I never really understand wtf he’s talking about.

  30. Andy Ngo is a Nazi grifter, not a “”journalist””

  31. Just like Rowling he is addicted to the positive affirmation of social media while also being completely unable to handle the criticism (some of it good faith some of it bad faith) thrown at him on the same platforms.

    I really don’t like the dude, but he looks absolutely broken. He really needs to take a step back and use the money he accumulated through his grift to try and address his issues.

  32. What is God but the ultimate fascist?

  33. A mate tried to get me to watch this tool. He is quite funny, I’ll give you that.

  34. [removed]

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    red_rocket_lollipop March 29, 2022 at 2:32 pm

    Old JP makes alot of sense when you realise he’s addicted to painkillers. He’s literally full of shit, so it falls out of his mouth

  36. When there’s crossposts on here from GenZedong related subreddits you know it’s fallen.

  37. “”””””””””””Reporter””””””””””””””

  38. “curious journalist” is doing so much heavy lifting it’s probably preparing for the Olympics

  39. Is this the same bitch who was going around the USA being anti anyone of colour ???

  40. He’s a diagnosed schizophrenic. He’s evil for the “gay people can’t be parents, trans people aren’t valid, I won’t respect your pronouns” shit that he’s been saying ever since he’s been in the limelight, but given that he’s (unsurprisingly) severely mentally ill and in denial about it, I don’t get why people keep asking for his opinions or reading his books?

  41. Y’all know he is grifting nazi half ass scum right

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