1. This must mean there’s a casual racist

  2. Ah yes the Tf2 community

  3. nobody can compete with the tf2 community on that

  4. Loadout checks out

  5. Least played class: Demoman

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    another_save_folder March 29, 2022 at 5:36 pm

    Yeah, i am a racist too.

    I really love fast cars

  7. He do be competitive

  8. Ranked Racism

  9. H. P. Lovecraft

  10. Its always the engies with the funny names

  11. I’m also racist! I love formula 1 so much

  12. Dude looks like he drives a Lorry.

  13. I bet he’s really fast

  14. He really likes racing!

  15. Racism Gaming

  16. Valve competitive racism is dead, thats why im on rgl (the R is for racism)

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    another_save_folder March 29, 2022 at 5:36 pm

    Who would win

    Competitive racist

    Or Competitive sexist

  18. We don’t have time for casual racism in here, boys.

  19. “Open him the drywall he.”… “he” what? he’s demanding something? also the “switch” post has been deleted so it confirms that it was a distraction from the real message… I’m getting close and closer. I’ll encode this message soon enough

  20. We need more people like him

  21. OP please tell me what in the name of gaben is your name

  22. Why does he look like the guy from the breaking benches meme?

  23. > competition is good for the consumer

  24. thats just a regular TF2 player

  25. Well he is from texas

  26. Hey wtf is your name

  27. Is there a leage for competitive racism.

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    Antique_Reputation_6 March 29, 2022 at 5:36 pm


  29. Of course I know him. He’s me.

  30. He competitive

  31. Its always the guys with Anime profiles

  32. The average tf2 player

  33. Legit read the title in engi’s voice saying “heh”

  34. Casual racist: Yeah nah man, he’s the same skin color, so he’s still one of us.

    Competitive racist: He’s from a different country🤢

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