1. Even the balloons aren’t excited to be there.

  2. At least there is a giant bottle of hand sanitizer you can chug to forget the pain.

  3. Look at all that “culture”! Haven’t you missed it?!

  4. Everyone is in homeoffice for two years and despite the pandemic, it’s a record year with employeee satisfaction and productivity at an all time high, but management, who haven’t made a peep in two years so people started seriously questioneing why they are even still needed, demanded that everyone has to come back into office. Suddenly, productivity drops to an all time low, so management, after pissing off every single employee with the the dumb garbage management allways does, concludes that it must be the fault of homeoffice and they just safed the company by calling everyone back, they also gave themselfs promptly a huge raise. That’s how it went at my last place i worked at. Back to the office has been one of the dumbest things i’ve ever experienced.

  5. Looks so warm and happy

  6. well that certainly looks like the boring dysoptian office in Severance, get ready for the 5 minutes of “Music and Dance Experience”

  7. This is so depressing

  8. r/therewasanattempt

  9. This is humorous in a grim way.

    Is it safe to say returning to the office was not a happy occasion here?

  10. I can hear the buzzing of the florescent lights while the coffee machine sputters to a stop….

    then from behind *that* coworker comes in saying the usual crap like “livin’ the viva loca, right!? Hah! Happy Monday”

  11. Wow, complementary salt and pepper

    edit: complimentary? I googled it and am still unsure…

  12. Yay. Really gets you in the mood for some team-building activities.

  13. How many people quit when they said you had to come back to the office?

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    Apprehensive_Hat8986 March 29, 2022 at 7:53 am

    So…. I went through work from home a decade back for health reasons. I had to keep a journal for case reasons, but… when I was back up to “health”, I had been working from home 4days, office 1day. My team leader brings me into a meeting with my manager saying they want me back in the office 4 days, with 1 day remote. I asked if my performance was good. “Yes” So I asked, “why”? There offered up a bullshit explanation about being able to talk to me, face to face stuff etc.. so I pulled out my journal.

    “In the last few months of my time working remote, I’ve been in the office, 1 day in 5. Mondays as you requested. Like clockwork. You know how often people talk to me? Of those 1 in 5 days, people talk to me _less_ than 20% of the time, and more often 10% of the time. And is it related to _work_? Less then half of that. I get called at my home more than I get called or talked to on the days I’m actually _here_. Tell me again, _why_ do you need me physically in the office?”

    Yeah… I kept working remotely 4:1 for the rest of my time there. Which wasn’t long. I quit a bit later to go back to school.

  15. 2 years of proving that place doesn’t need to exist

  16. Just looking at it I can feel the sterility and the very unwelcome aspect of it…the crappy coffee smell…no chairs or anyplace to rest…the overwhelming sense that no one says of “What the hell am I doing here? I don’t belong here!”

  17. Holy shit that is a depressing photo.

  18. Let’s burn this mother to the ground Pookie.

  19. We need to stress how important the *office culture* is to our employees

  20. Welcome back to your home away from home employee #47905428L2

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    prequel_tothe_sequel March 29, 2022 at 7:53 am

    That just look. . . bleak

  22. Out of curiosity. What do you do? My ceo wants everyone to come back but my team is now spread across the country. Essentially we will all quit if they go through with it and we’re being very up front about it.

  23. This is the most depressing photo I’ve seen in years holy shit I actually forgot what the inside of an office building looks like.

    Office space shit

  24. Lol – they went for balloons! I work for a government department and I had to spend way too much time explaining to very senior officials why they should not go with ducking balloons to “welcome back” employees. Why do senior leaders think balloons is a good idea?

  25. r/LiminalSpace

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    Colors_and_Flavors March 29, 2022 at 7:53 am

    It is your birthday.

  27. How did someone look at this and decide “yes, this is better than absolutely nothing!”?

  28. “Fuck you day”


  29. Looks like an episode straight out of The Office, something Michael would do for Toby.

  30. Pretty decent kitchen for a work place.

  31. this has some big IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY. vibes

  32. Can feel the excitement!! Not even bagels…..

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    go_comatose_for_me March 29, 2022 at 7:53 am

    I’ll put on my conspiracy hat and say there is something incredibly manipulative about how these companies infantize their employees. You’re professional workers, not 1st graders returning from summer break.

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    VroomVroomTweetTweet March 29, 2022 at 7:53 am

    Keep working from home, what’s the worst thing that can happen?

  35. holy shit they got SALT.. AND PEPPER!? This party’s gonna be off the hook!

  36. I might have just walked out after seeing this. Could they make it any more obvious they don’t give a single fuck about you and you’re only in office to make the 30 year lease worth it?

  37. Once you leave it’s kind of shocking to even consider spending most of my life there.

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    sychosomaticBlonde March 29, 2022 at 7:53 am

    I would straight up quit if I was told I needed to be in an office. But I worked from home even before the pandemic. Absolutely never going back to an office

  39. So how many employees quit/are planning to leave? My fiance got the “we’re going back may 1” and immediately got a new job. Even comes with a pay increase.

  40. Why is this the world we live in

  41. If I had to go back in, I’d quit. There’s plenty of good paying work from home office jobs right now.

  42. So many companies have transitioned to 100% remote now. Those that force people to go back to a stupid office are going to loose a lot of employees.

  43. The “welcome ba- fuck you get back to work!” party was a success.

  44. This scene just screams “Don’t forget. You’re here forever,” without the happy Simpsons ending.

  45. Keep applying for WFH jobs. They’re out there

  46. After working home for a year and a half, I was called back in…

    …to clean out my desk…

    …because my cubicle was being converted to temporary space for anyone since I was permanently working from home.

    So I’m pretty sure I’m safe.

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