1. Viktor Orban is a shithead

  2. We are trying our best to get rid of him this sunday. Using his own rigged election system, trying to beat him in his own game…

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  3. Praying for that FRIENDSHIP REGAINED WITH-

  4. Nothing will ever end our friendship with Hungary. The fact that their dictator is a Putin’s bitch does is not enough to end our friendship

  5. You can’t erase history. Oldest stories I’ve been told from Polish grandpa that we used to let First Aid and Food cross border to Poland during WW2 . Imagine a country in WW2 still support Poland doing this now.

  6. Orban is on the wrong side of history. Boot him out Hungarian friends and we Gucci.

  7. I don’t know how I’m supposed to read this

  8. I believe it when I see it

  9. Now vote out Orban and we abolish PIS and then we can live forever happy after

  10. So true! Fuck orban and shitheads hungarian that elect him. Welcome Ukrainians, we have hard common history but the future is ours!


    I was waiting for days for this meme to come.

  12. Fuck Hungary, all my homies are friends with Ukraine

  13. The Ukrainian government and some extremist ultranationalist Ukrainians have been treating the native Hungarian minority like shit in Zakarpatia (Kárpátalja). Nobody else cares about it. Hungarians are always treated like shit. The West still considers us the Huns of Attila.

    Hungarians are supporting the Ukrainian refugees by welcoming them in and housing them without any discrimination.

    Hungary supported the Polish nation when Lenin invaded Poland. Remember the miracle of Vistula?

    We stood up against Germany in WWII. We told Hitler to fuck off when he demanded us to help in the invasion of Poland. We helped the Polish refugees. All of this despite being on the Axis side.

    We showed support in the Polish revolution against the Soviet Union.

    But go ahead, ignore all of that. I still love Poland and the Polish people. Except for the subversive manchildren who want to ruin this centuries old beautiful relationship.

    **If you’re even from Poland, that is, dear OP. Which I doubt. You’re either a Russian or an Ukrainian troll who wants to drag the entire world into this stupid war of yours. Leave us out of it. We don’t want World War III.**

  14. Niby mem ale kogoś chyba popierdoliło

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