+1697 [MALAYSIA] Truck driver bullies a road…

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2022-03-29 09:02:02

+1697 – [MALAYSIA] Truck driver bullies a road user but conveniently there’s a police checkpoint ahead

[MALAYSIA] Truck driver bullies a road user but conveniently there’s a police checkpoint ahead from ConvenientCop

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  1. [News source in English](https://www.therakyatpost.com/fun/2022/03/27/watch-angry-lorry-driver-tailed-a-woman-driver-near-kinrara-gets-pulled-over-at-the-roadblock/amp/)

    [News source but it’s in Malay](https://www.sinarharian.com.my/ampArticle/194898)

    The Malay news source stated that after the truck driver was arrested, his urine was tested for drugs. He was tested positive for meth, ketamine and amphetamine.

    Initially, they thought that he was drunk driving but they found out that he wasn’t drunk at all.

  2. Imma translate what the cameraman said in simple terms

    At the start: ‘Ayo don’t fight’

    When they start driving: ‘He’s still chasing the guy, he ain’t satisfied’

    Then it started to get a bit inaudible but from what I could gather, they called the truck driver an idiot and said he could have hit a motor if he drives like this

    At the checkpoint

    Cameraman: They’re gonna report

    Passenger: He gonna play dumb

    When the policeman started to direct the truck

    Cameraman: Aight they got him

    Passenger: Hmm I think he’s drunk

    Cameraman: Yes, he’s screwed now

    Passenger: Yep he’s drunk

    When the truck started parking

    Cameraman: Aight he’s caught now, he gonna pay cash

    Passenger: *hyena laughter*

    Cameraman: Man’s caused shit to happen

    After a few seconds

    Passenger: Is he not following instructions? He has to be drunk, look at that

    The rest was rather inaudible so I can’t translate it, apologies for that

  3. Reply
    lawabidingcitizen-nz March 29, 2022 at 6:55 pm

    Terima Kasih to those cops! Never seen a more satisfying appearance and attendance. I miss Malaysia already.

  4. Giant balls of steel on these Malaysian cops that think nothing of stepping in front of a truck to stop it. See it all the time in these videos.

  5. And the victim drove off. I would stop as well and be a hero then. That’s the “gotcha bitch” moment right there

  6. I wasn’t sure how serious the cops were until one of them pulled out a red handkerchief

  7. I particularly like how he decided to stop while diagonally blocking both lanes. Apparently, his goal was to irritate *everyone* on tne road, not just the cops.


  8. What was the checkpoint for?

  9. haha mampos

  10. They’re saying the driver in the truck is drunk. Not sure how they would know but looks correct.

  11. _e m o t i o n a l d a m a g e_

  12. [deleted]

  13. I like the laughs 😂😂

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    Icy-Letterhead-2837 March 29, 2022 at 6:55 pm

    Damn, that was kinda nice.

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