+1674 James Conrad absolutely loses his…

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2022-03-28 16:33:07

+1674 – James Conrad absolutely loses his $@&t at the Texas State Championship

James Conrad absolutely loses his $@&t at the Texas State Championship from discgolf

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  1. Good thing you had the NSFW tag, if I played this at work, I’d have some complaints made against me.

  2. Insubordinate……..and churlish.

  3. This is honestly my favorite running gag

  4. I was 25 feet from him when this happened and I could feel the malevolent rage radiating from his body.

  5. He’s been a real asshole ever since he stole that one tournament last year. A real team captain like Paul Ullibatry would never let this slide.

  6. Full rage.

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    AchievingFIsometime March 29, 2022 at 10:16 am

    I was expecting this to be the clip where he kicked some dust on the ground after one of his drives. It was round 2.

  8. He has to understand that as a face of disc golf, this behavior is unacceptable. I pray that he is able to get his anger management under control one day.

  9. I can’t wait for the Jomez supercut at the end of the season of all these

  10. I’m telling you, they gotta do something about his anger before it becomes too much!

  11. This man is a menace and needs to be stopped, there are children watching for god’s sake.

  12. There’s another point in the tournament where he hits a tree on his drive and turns around and kicks up some dust.

    I was offended.

  13. He has become untethered and his rage knows no bounds.

  14. Not sure how any of his cardmates can focus with him out there like this. I know I’d be requesting off of it.

  15. These will never get old for me 😂🤣

  16. He has used this aggressive (some would say violent) head shake far too many times. At this point it should be an automatic curtesy violation.

  17. These always make me laugh so hard

  18. This will never not be funny

  19. I thought this was going to a clip of him kicking sand after messing up his drive.

  20. A regular Will Smith!

  21. This guy needs to get his shot together. Kids watch this stuff. He’s gone from first to worst in my book.

  22. Unprofessional, and unacceptable

  23. Hey that’s me in the background.

  24. This aggression won’t stand, man

  25. This is the content we need!

  26. I feel like these are becoming more frequent. He has to get these under control.

  27. Disgraceful.

  28. Reeeeeeally bad look on the sport in such a crucial time.

  29. I really like the transition from James to greg

  30. Ugh, I hope he gets a good W this year. He’s a blessing on the sport

  31. I can’t tolerate this any longer. I used to think he was a good guy, but he is an uncontrollable menace and needs to be kicked out of every disc golf event. This has no place in our beloved sport

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    EnvironmentJaded7028 March 29, 2022 at 10:16 am

    I’m calling the PDGA and filing a post-play courtesy violation.

  33. If this is the way that disc golf is going to be represented at the “professional” level, then I don’t want any part of it. Disgusting behavior by JC.

  34. Practically OG Bradley Williams over here.

  35. Jesus H Christ, this guy is unhinged. His rage needs to be controlled or he might kill somebody out there.

  36. Yikes, second hand embarrassment over here

  37. My personal fave was his rage kick to the ground

  38. Get this guy OFF the tour. I am so sick of his toxic ass outbursts.

  39. I felt bad, he’s usually a monster from C2 and had like 6 or 7 near misses. I really wanted him to get that one

  40. wtf man, my kid watches disc with me. not anymore!

  41. This guy makes Nikko look calm

  42. This is great, but nothing will beat the one where he did the little kick of the ground afterward.

  43. Did anyone see him kick the dirt?! What a tyrant to the card. Someone needs to call him on this before it gets anymore out of hand

  44. Had to turn it off after this, can’t let my kids see such a deranged madman on the screen.

  45. So unacceptable.

    We shouldn’t tolerate this sort of behavior, especially from someone like James who is already known to be belligerent and explosive.

  46. How can he expect his sponsors to stand behind him during these fits?

  47. At this point I wonder if the other players are concerned for their own safety.

  48. I enjoy disc casually and don’t watch the pros. Is this the yyped of aggression and unsportsmanlike conduct pdga encourages??

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