1. I caught a shiny geodude in platinum when I was 10 and named it Vanilla

  2. Legends Arceus is the only game I’ve caught wild shinies in lol

  3. Same, I found One Shiny Marill when I was 10 in Omega Ruby, it sill feels like a huge deal.

  4. I’ve encountered more shiny Pokémon in PLA than I’ve encountered in all previous games combined. It’s a shiny hunter’s dream game, that’s for certain.

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    warp_scarf_enjoyer March 30, 2022 at 3:39 am

    “Pretty colours cool” – me spending way too long soft resetting for a gold bird

  6. My first ever shiny was the first Pokémon (besides the starters) that you encounter when going out fully prepped to the next town.
    It was a shiny Pidgey.

    I LOVED that Pidgey so much.

  7. TBF, shiny hunting post-game in PLA isn’t like any other form of Shiny hunting, if only because you can directly see them as shiny in the overworld. Which makes the process a helluva lot faster than previous games.

    Add in the Charm and the fact that a perfect dex entry raises chances on specific mons, as well as the Outbreak system, and it gets ridiculously easy to start finding shinies.

    I usually get one or two a day, and I just play casually.

  8. during one of my first in-patient stays when i beat leukemia in high school, i found a full-odds shiny caterpie in viridian forest on a leaf green on my sp. i brought that solid gold worm to the elite four

  9. in my entire life of pokemon gaming (27) ive never encountered a wild full odds shiny. always hunted, bred, etc.

  10. The first shiny I ever got was a shiny cindaquil, because I wanted one and so my sister got an egg for me, and when it hatched I got a shiny

  11. I like gacha mechanics and shiny hunting scratches the itch without having to pay money to open boxes on shitty phone games or predatory micro transaction games like genshin and etc.

  12. The first shiny I remember ever getting (outside of the red gyarados) was a shiny regirock

  13. We’re crazy. Help.

  14. Pokémon games are generally so easy that there’s not much feeling of accomplishment when you beat the game. But going and getting shinies makes whatever you do in the game much more rewarding because you had to work for it.

  15. From personal experience, it kinda just happened. Like I’d be hunting for specific shinies cause I think they’re cool and all, and would end up finding other random shinies along the way.

  16. i currently have no shinies, but the ones i’ve caught are all from ultra wormholes

    abomasnow and swanna i put on the gts


    yanmega i traded to a friend

  17. In all my hundreds or likely thousands of hours across most of the generations, I’ve still only found one shiny and it a Golbat in Sapphire at Victory Road

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  19. While wild encounter hunting noibat in swsh, I got my second shiny zigzagoon and a full (shiny charm) odds maractus.

  20. At least you found yours.

    I got mine (and it is legit) in a trade.

  21. This is me in all my pokemon games EXCEPT PLA. I legit only have one shiny in my name in X and one in Black. In PLA shiny hunting is made way to easy lol.

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    thepiratestolemegold March 30, 2022 at 3:39 am

    The first shiny I found with full odds was in gen II and it was a hoppip. I’ve had a few zubats, a zigzagoon, a ponyta, a bidoof and a wimpod after that. All the others I have were shiny hunted or bred.

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    Agreeable_Client_952 March 30, 2022 at 3:39 am

    I’ve never in my entire life of playing found a shiny. I introduced my daughter to Pokemon and within her first year of playing she found a shiny Golbat and Oddish. -_- Proud, but jealous moments.

  24. I found a shiny banette in diamond once and it that was it for me in terms of finding a wild one

    did the shiny glitch in Pokémon X for a gold Magikarp, and have found three shinies so far in PLA

    the first Banette will always be the most special though

  25. I found my first shiny legit 30 minutes ago
    Muchies the muchlax

  26. I caught shiny shaymin and dialga

  27. me w my random encounter shiny dugtrio in sun/moon lmfao. i almost knocked it out too, i thought at first it was just the alolan form

  28. I’ve encountered like 4 full odds shiny in Pokémon leaf green. I have 2 of them (weedle and tentacruel)

  29. Yes! I was just running around end saw something out of the corner of my eye and i turned and there was a SHINY BUIZLE no shiny chaning at all

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